12 Quick Paint Tips

1. When painting metal garage doors, use acrylic latex paint rather than oil type.

2. Before caulking around a bathtub, always fill tub to overflow and leave overnight to cure.

3. Never plant tall trees under hydro lines or close to the north side of a home.

4. When planting grass seed under trees or on shaded areas, use a shade mixture.

5. When building a wood fence, always apply an oil primer first before painting with acrylic latex.

6. Building a drip through deck; use Deckster strips and screw down boards from underside.

7. When building a wood deck, always use Mill Glaze Away before finish coat.

8. When using oil paint, use pure bristle brushes and nylon or polyester with latex.

9. When disposing of old paint, always take it to an Environmental Centre.

10. Powerwashing of concrete or wood with greater than 1000 p.s.i. can badly damage the surface.

11. When re-roofing your home, consider 30—40 year warranty product, fibreglass reinforced.

12. Roof ventilation should be balanced; 50% in the soffit, 50% on the roof, preferably ridge type.