A San Francisco Bay Area artist’s sun-drenched home doubles as her gallery and studio

When Memories of Home Are of Paint and Linseed Oil.

Artist Marie Van Elder has always made her home integral to her work. She uses it as a studio, workshop and gallery. The walls are filled with work by her and by her artist friends, and the largest room in the house is her studio space. The rooms have been rearranged as the family has evolved, but the art has always been part of every room. “In a way the art has been part of the house as much as the house has been part of the art,” she says.

Van Elder’s daughters grew up around her art and “would come home from school and go running to see what I did that day,” she says. And they would sometimes work beside her on their own projects. Although Van Elder uses one room primarily as her studio, she says, “Frankly the whole house has been used for art: the kitchen counters, the patio, the garage for art classes for kids, the attic for storage and all the walls for exhibition space. My daughters will tell you that the smell of linseed oil is the smell of home.”