Bathroom – Three-toned walls

This subtle effect, using three different shades of the same colour, will add a new dimension to your walls.

You will need

• long ruler
• spirit level
• pencil
• masking tape
• 3 tones of one matt emulsion paint • colour
• paintbrush or roller

1. Make sure the walls are clean of grease and grime. Choose the areas of wall to paint, divide the height into three and mark each third of the wall with a pencil. Use a ruler and spirit level to ensure the lines are straight and even.

2. Working from the bottom up, apply masking tape carefully above the first line, in order not to paint the wrong area. Make sure you apply the tape as straight and evenly as possible.

3. Paint the area below the bottom line with the darkest shade. Allow to dry and apply a second coat if needed.

4. Once the paint is dry, carefully peel off the masking tape. Now apply masking tape above the second line and below the first line and paint the area in between with the middle shade. When dry, remove the tape and apply tape below the second line. Paint the top section in the lightest shade and remove the tape when dry.