Cabinet Storage

Have you ever tried to take a pan out of your cabinet…and everything falls out with it. Well, if you have…these next few tips will help you.

To alleviate clutter use large hooks; screw them into the back of the cabinet door. These come in handy for hanging small pots and lids.

Install vertical shelves across half of the cabinet to store baking dishes or cookie sheets. Cut some brackets for the bottom and the back out of I by 2 inch wood and buy some flat boards to put between the brackets. These dividers get rid of the need to stack things and you’ll always know where to find them.

Easy Storage

Storage space – it seems like you can never have enough. If you’re short on space, I have some great ideas to help you.

Look for potential storage space when you buy furniture. A great wooden trunk stores extra blankets, games or clothes and can double as a coffee table!

If you have a closet that you don’t really use for clothes, fill it with shelves. Attach brackets into the sides of the closet and lay shelves across. They give you lots of extra space, and everything is easy to find.

Use an old silverware organizer in the bathroom or bedroom to organize brushes, combs, bobby pins, razor blades and all sorts of other things that clutter your space.

If your shoes are in a big pile in the bottom of your closet, buy some plastic shoe boxes. They’re inexpensive, shoes fit perfectly inside and you can stack them neatly in your closet or slide them under the bed.

Holiday Storage

Packing away the holiday decorations isn’t nearly as enjoyable as putting them up, but it has to be done so I have some tips to help you.

Store small fragile ornaments in egg cartons. They have individual compartments, they stack easily on top of each other and they were made to cushion fragile items.

Decorative bows can get crushed in storage. Use some tissue paper to stuff each loop of your bows. This will help them keep their shape and look great year after year.

You can organize all of your wrapping and mailing supplies with a tall kitchen garbage can and clear hanging shoe bag. Stand all of your rolls of paper up on end in the garbage can. This will keep them organized and they won’t get squashed. Then use the shoe bag to store your tape, scissors, ribbon, labels, and any other supplies you need. This makes a handy wrapping station whenever you need it, not just around the holidays.