Choosing Stone Floor Tiles for Your Bathroom

Designing your new bathroom starts with your choice of floor tiles. The colour and texture of the floor sets the tone for the room, determines how long you’ll spend cleaning it, and has implications for the safety of everyone using it.
Natural stone tiles have been a major trend for bathrooms over the past few years, and their unique, beauty looks set to stay. One difference we’re seeing of late is the size of the tiles. Less grout and more stunning stone beauty is the order of the day. They’re easier to clean and a striking design choice.
OK, so you’ve made your decision to use stone tiling – but what kind should you choose? Here’s our handy guide to finding the perfect natural flooring for your bathroom. We’ve taken a close look at the three most popular choices: marble, limestone and travertine.
The Lustrous Warmth of Limestone Floor Tiles
What could be more perfect for your bathroom than flooring made up of sedimented seashells? Limestone has an understated elegance, and it’s a perennial favourite for bathrooms. If you’re looking for a natural, lustrous warmth, the soft, open pore structure of this mellow stone could be the choice for you.
• Advantages of Limestone Tiles – it’s extremely durable flooring; if carefully maintained your limestone floor could last for ever. It’s easy to cut which makes it a flexible material to work with and its matte, textured finish makes it non-slip. Limestone tiles also tend to be cheaper than marble or travertine flooring.
• Disadvantages of Limestone Tiles – the porous texture of limestone means that it needs to be sealed regularly to prevent staining and dust accumulation.
Limestone bathroom floor tiles will stay looking good with just a regular wipe-over using soapy water.
The Elegance and Striking Beauty of Marble Floor Tiles
Light, neutral colours are favoured at the moment, as they make small rooms look larger. The uniquely veined patterning of marble floor tiles has inspired artists and adorned palaces ever since the Romans first popularised it. Now it’s a stylish contemporary choice that reflects natural light and enhances the sense of well-being inspired by your bathroom.
• Advantages of Marble Tiles – every tile is unique and the patterning is naturally formed. If you’re planning on fitting underfloor heating in your bathroom, marble is a great thermal conductor, so you’ll be cosy in minutes. Finally, the high polish on marble cannot be matched by any other stone.
• Disadvantages of Marble Tiles – there is always the danger of scratching and staining with stone flooring – regular sealing is a must. The shiny surface also increases the risk of slippage.
Marble bathroom tiles require only the lightest of touches to look good; regular wiping with soapy water will keep your tiles looking pristine.
The Warm, Earthy Tone of Travertine Foor Tiles
This is fast becoming the most popular stone floor choice where the design seeks to emulate the colours and warmth of Mediterranean culture. Travertine is a derivative of limestone and it’s characterised by natural pits and voids which gives every tile a unique patterning and texture. These tiles come in a range of colours through cream, tan and ochre.
• Advantages of Travertine Tiles – there’s no waiting for these tiles to ‘weather’; the texture and colouration provides an instant ‘lived in’ look to your bathroom. They have a non-slip texture and are extremely durable – given regular cleaning and sealing. This is probably the most flexible of stone tiles, they can be easily cut to fit awkward spaces.
• Disadvantages of Travertine Tiles – these are the most expensive of the stone tiles we’ve reviewed. Regular sealing is necessary as they susceptible to staining and discolouration otherwise.
Soapy water is all you need to keep your travertine floor looking as good as new.

Beautiful stone floors afford your home a timeless beauty, and they last for as long as you need them to. DirectStone Ltd polishes, seals, maintains and restores stone floors, to bring the full power of their beauty out.


Modern Bathroom Ideas

Chic and stylish are seldom the first words that come to mind when you think of your bathroom. For most people, bathrooms are more functional than aesthetic—after all, you don’t use it as much as your bedroom or living room. But modern design is slowly changing all that.

Modern bathrooms have evolved from the basic shower-and-toilet setup to luxury rooms where you can relax for hours. Think of it as a luxury spa, except that it’s right in your own home. But the best news is that it’s not as lavish as it sounds. Here are some trendy touches that can take your bathroom from drab and dated to stylishly modern.

Vessel sinks

Vessel sinks are placed completely above the counter so that they look like separate pieces. This is a fresh change from traditional sinks, which are often built or integrated into the countertop. The modern look of vessel sinks comes from their sleek designs and bold colors. Look for bright colors that match other elements in your bathroom, such as shower curtains and area rugs. Modern materials such as glass and stone offer excellent wear and will last years of constant use.

Matching faucets

Set off your sink with a matching bathroom faucet. Modern design is about combining function and style, so look for one that’s both stylish and easy to use. The taps that come with most sinks are usually of low quality. Look for one that can withstand everyday abuse. Metals such as brass, copper, and stainless steel are fairly durable and will fit in with the modern theme.

Recessed lighting

Traditional bathrooms use overhead lighting, or a single large bulb that lights the entire room. While this is certainly convenient, it doesn’t do much in terms of aesthetics. Modern bathrooms favor subtle lights that work on smaller parts of the room. Use a separate light for your vanity, tub, and shower areas. This makes for a more relaxing mood and a more flattering reflection. Use yellow or white area rugs to help disperse the light.


The vanity is an important element in modern bathroom design. What was once a simple dressing table is now a personal armoire complete with a sink, counter, shelves, mirrors, and carefully planned lighting—all matching a single theme. Vanity sets are available from most home supply stores, but you can save money by putting your own set together. Pick a modern countertop as your base and let it set the theme for the rest of your setup.

Area rugs

Flooring has evolved more than any part of the bathroom over the years. If you’re still using ceramic tile, consider updating by using modular carpets, cork, or even hardwood. Use area rugs to protect your floors from damage and provide warmth in the cold season. Just avoid natural materials such as wool area rugs and jute area rugs, as they won’t hold up well to moisture. If you have a small floor space, use kids area rugs—they’re smaller and add a more welcoming look to the room.

Bathroom Design Ideas

If you take a scan at magazines, you will come upon some bathroom design ideas are unique, some are outrageous and others are just simply out of this world. There is nothing wrong with that. Everybody have their own unique way of designing their bathroom, no matter how beautiful, weird or extravagant they are.

The nature is simply the most famous source of inspiration for people who want to achieve the most, well “natural look” in their bathroom. This is because nature has always been linked to cleanliness and harmony. And you cannot deny that something about nature and its colors have a way of giving off that refreshing and relaxing feeling.

Natural bathroom ideas want to bring these things right into your home and in the one place you come to the most. Anything from plants to rocks and falling water can be a good and natural bathroom design idea.

Here are some natural bathroom design ideas you may want to have in your bathroom.

1. Natural lighting.

Soft and natural lighting can be relaxing. This is one of the reasons why other people have skylights installed in their bathrooms. They want to let the natural light in so that they can enjoy the feeling that it brings.

If this is not possible, you can always opt for windows that let the sunshine in. Just make sure that they are just big enough to let the light and air inside.

Halogen lights are also another option. They look more natural than bulbs and fluorescent lights. You can also dim some of your lights if you want it to appear relaxing.

2. Natural floor.

Your bathroom floor can also appear natural. You can do this by getting rid of vinyl and carpeting. A better choice would be laminate wood or ceramic tile flooring. These types of flooring give the bathroom a more natural look and feel.

If you have dark walls, then the color of your flooring should be lighter. In the same way, if you have light walls, then dark flooring color is most suitable.

If you have enough money for it, having natural stones as your flooring is the best option to have. Marble and travertine will look terrific in your bathroom.

3. Natural walls.

Your bathroom wall can set the mood on its own since it will become the backdrop of the whole room. Use those walls to your advantage to set the tone of your bathroom.

There are wallpapers you can buy that are made to withstand any kind of weather conditions. You can opt for more natural colors like brown, tan or green. Your choice of color should resemble some part of nature. You will notice that the color selection will naturally change your perception of the bathroom and how you feel when you are inside of it.

4. Natural accessories.

Natural accessories can include those that are made of wood or bamboo. The good thing about using these kinds of accessories is that they are more durable and does not break easily.

Having some of them places strategically in your bathroom, you will be able to attain that natural feel. The tone in the bathroom will even become warmer and not as cold as when you are using plastic or glass accessories.

Getting that natural look and feel inside your bathroom is not as difficult as it seem to be. All you need is the right materials and proper execution. This is one bathroom design idea that is worth having.

DIY Bathroom Renovations

Renovating any room in the home can become an expensive task. For some, the cost of bathroom renovations was made easier due to government tax credits for things like low-flow toilets. Today, those same tax credits may not be available, so anything that is being added will need to come out of your own pocket.

The good thing with a bathroom renovation is that those looking to do them are typically not looking to completely redo the room. Most of the time, the reason behind a bathroom renovation is a change in theme. With that in mind, what are some options that you can take?


Bathroom floors can be a tricky subject. One easy DIY method to get around the old floors is simply not to worry about them. No, that does not mean you should leave the old floors as they are, but rather that you should just cover them over with new tile.

Because they sell thin, self-adhering tiles, you can easily just install this new tile directly over the old tile. Before doing this, make sure to clean the floor thoroughly first. Sweep up any dirt or dust and mop the floor so it looks as good as it possibly can. Once this is done, simply lay the new tile and cut around as needed. This will save you a lot of money, and perhaps more important, a lot of time.

Wallpaper or Tile?

Depending on the theme of your bathroom, you may want to install wallpaper or you may want to just put in new tile. Unfortunately, the walls may not be as easy as the floors. If you can find a complimentary, self-adhering tile for your walls, you do have the option of following the same process as you did for the ground. If not, removing the wall tiles in a bathroom can be a pain.

The pain with bathroom walls really comes into play when you do want new wallpaper though. This is because old bathrooms often had tiles that we installed with grout, which makes them have indentations around every tile. If you’re looking to install wallpaper over the tile, this can be real struggle, and often compromise your wallpaper installation.

One way around this is to buy the thinnest drywall you can find and install that over the exposed tile. Because you are working in a bathroom, make sure that you get something resistant to water. Once the drywall is installed over the tile, simply put the wallpaper over the drywall. This will be a smooth surface and will not even have to be cleaned or prepped.


There are usually only a few cabinets and drawers in the bathroom, but buying completely new ones can still be expensive. With this in mind, perhaps you can look at the idea of simply repainting the cabinets. For this, all you need are: new fixtures, sandpaper for smoothing, primer and paint. This may take a bit more time to install than completely new cabinets, but it can add an artistic and unique look to your bathroom. If it will fit the theme you are working on, it is definitely worth considering.

Working with Water

As you already know, if you do decide to get a new sink or toilet, remember to turn off the water. Rather than having to turn off each individual item, you may want to go outside to the main water source and turn it off from there. Tell your family that they will not have water for a couple of hours and maybe have them go out while you work. Always double check that you have done this, because the last thing you want to do while working on a project is to open up a pipe and find that you have released the flood gates. You’ll also want to check your home insurance policy as most will require any DIY plumbing work to be inspected and certified by a master plumber. Same applies for any electrical work you do yourself.

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Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom is not only just a utility or a function room.

Since going inside the bathroom is the first thing most of us do in the morning and the last thing we do at night, the bathroom has been widely considered as a room or space for setting our moods.
It is a place where you can spend sometime alone with yourself and ponder things out. It is a place for pampering yourself, too. It is a place where we run to when we need to be free from the worries and cares of the world.

Thus, it is quite important that the decors inside your bathroom would serve to lighten up and make your day.

If you plan to decorate you bathroom, there is a quick, easy and inexpensive way of doing it. Simply de-clutter. Cleaning out stuff piled up and straightening out some of the things inside can make a whole lot of difference. First bathroom décor idea for you, add up some decorative boxes and hide up all the unnecessary junks inside it.

In bathroom decoration, decors put in the right places and fixtures that go along with your tastes, goes a log way to making it perfect. Of course, it is not a good idea to pile up all sorts of decors that clutter up the space. You should also consider the size and space available.

It does not mean that after you have de-cluttered you will be messing your bathroom up again by putting more stuff in it.

Here are some unique and eclectic décor ideas for your bathroom.

1. Lighting – you might think to leave this idea to your electrician, but the fact is aside from being a necessary fixture in your bathroom, the lighting is a very standard décor in your bathroom. It is the key to setting the mood you like to have in your bathroom. Having a new set of lights or making do with your old one and doing some adjustments to it can make a once boring bathroom into an area where you could revive your spirits.

The light fixtures of your bathroom may depend on your personality. They can be simple, jazzy and funky. They may come in different colors, shapes and styles. You can also add dim or soft lights but still living the necessary bright light.

2. Accessories – set the theme of your bathroom by accessorizing it. You can have some decorative holders for toothbrush and napkin with matching soap dishes filled with miniature soaps.

You can also put some aromatic candles on strategic corners of your bathroom. Real furniture necessities in the bathroom may also be converted to become as decorative as the other accessories.

3. Shower Curtains – these may be standard piece in a bathroom but it can also become a major piece to complete your decorating scheme.

4. Plants – these brings out some life in your bathroom and smooth out the aesthetics of the room’s designs

5. Artwork – Beautiful and breathtaking art can add life in any room, why not the bathroom?

6. Paint – you can match your bathroom’s wall according to the accessories and standard fixtures you have designed or vice versa.

7. Rugs – these can help pull your bathroom together according to the decorating scheme you have conceptualized

8. Towels – since towels belong inside the bathroom, then you can also fit them as a part of the overall decoration. You can match your towels’ colors with the shower curtains and other accessories.

Have a great time with applying these bathroom décor ideas in your bathrooms!

Easy Ways To Ensure Bathroom Remodeling Success

Is it time to renovate your old bathroom or build an entirely new one? When you are ready to begin, your bathroom floor plans are going to be extremely important. Floor plans enable you to create a space that is both pleasing to look at and fully functional at the same time.

Your bathroom can be a wonderful area that you enjoy or a room you avoid at all costs and the layout is what decides between the two. In order to have the first here are a few tips and tricks for creating the perfect bathroom design.

Know What You Need

When creating your bathroom floor plans you must consider what you and your household needs. Consider the daily habits and the people who will use it. When the needs end of things is covered you can begin to work on the things you want.

Size Does Matter

Your bathroom size is going to come into play when you are trying to create a layout in your bathroom as well. Measure carefully and know exactly what you have to work with before you begin. Larger bathrooms are a bit easier but you will want to be sure they are balanced in appearance; small bathrooms need a careful hand to make use of the space well.

Figure Out Your Budget

Figure out your budget before you get too deeply involved in creating bathroom floor plans. No point in designing a room you cannot afford to construct. Having a firm figure in mind will guide you to get what you need at a price you can afford. No sense looking at that expensive garden tub if it is simply not in the budget.

Design Your Plans with Function in Mind

As you create your bathroom floor plans keep the overall function of the room at the forefront. Your goal is a functional bathroom. While a great look is wonderful, if your bathroom doesn’t function the way you want it too, all the beauty in the world won’t make up for it.

Software can Help

Finally Yet Importantly, you may want to think about using software to create your bathroom floor plans. There are many great designing software choices out there that can help you quickly and easily come up with great plans for your bathroom. With a few clicks of the mouse you can be well on your way to creating a beautiful bathroom floor plan. The right software makes the process smooth and easy.

These are five simple common sense tips that you can use when creating your bathroom floor plans. Remember this is one of the most important rooms in your home and you want it to look fantastic. Keep these tips in mind as you design the floor plan and finally a beautiful bathroom that you enjoy using and that comes in under budget.

Bathtub Stopper Defective

Problem: The stopper in the tub doesn’t operate, doesn’t seal, or causes slow drainage.

Background: Two basic stopper mechanisms are found in tubs. One is the trip-lever type which uses a trip lever to open and close a brass stopper inside the tub’s drain. These have a strainer, instead of a stopper, at the drain opening. Another is a pop-up type, in which the lever is linked to the stopper at the drain opening.

What to do: Both types can be taken apart by removing the 2 screws on the decorative overflow plate, lifting the plate off, and then working the mechanism out through the over flow hole. For trip-lever types, clean the mechanism of debris and apply small amounts of grease on its moving parts. For pop-up types, clean off debris and check the condition of the 0-ring, which is positioned underneath the top lip of the stopper. If the 0-ring is worn or missing, replace it with a new one. If the pop-up stop per doesn’t work even with the new 0-ring, remove it and check to see if the linkage needs adjustment. Link age that is adjusted so that it is too long will keep the stopper from sealing properly.

Special advice: Keep in mind that accumulated hair on the linkage of a pop-up mechanism can cause slow drainage. When adjusting linkage on this type of mechanism, make small adjustments at any one time, by turning the threaded rod into the brass yoke, which connects to the trip lever.

Helpful hint: If the stopper mechanism seems to be unrepairable, or if you only need to replace components, take the entire mechanism when you go to the store so you will be sure to get the right parts.

Bathroom – Three-toned walls

This subtle effect, using three different shades of the same colour, will add a new dimension to your walls.

You will need

• long ruler
• spirit level
• pencil
• masking tape
• 3 tones of one matt emulsion paint • colour
• paintbrush or roller

1. Make sure the walls are clean of grease and grime. Choose the areas of wall to paint, divide the height into three and mark each third of the wall with a pencil. Use a ruler and spirit level to ensure the lines are straight and even.

2. Working from the bottom up, apply masking tape carefully above the first line, in order not to paint the wrong area. Make sure you apply the tape as straight and evenly as possible.

3. Paint the area below the bottom line with the darkest shade. Allow to dry and apply a second coat if needed.

4. Once the paint is dry, carefully peel off the masking tape. Now apply masking tape above the second line and below the first line and paint the area in between with the middle shade. When dry, remove the tape and apply tape below the second line. Paint the top section in the lightest shade and remove the tape when dry.

Bathroom Painting Ideas

Your bathroom is your secret world so there is a need to keep this special room clean and fresh. Not all people have brilliant ideas when it comes to painting their bathrooms. In fact, a lot of families don’t give much attention to their bathroom’s appearance.

But you know what, the color of your bathroom also reveals a great deal about your personality; and not only that, the way your bathroom looks, if it’s clean or not, and the accessories therein all reflects your character as a person.

If you have a beautiful bathroom, you will not have second thoughts in allowing your guest to use your bathroom. With the right paint color and bath accessories inside the room, you will always look forward in using your bathroom.

So, do you think that you need a bathroom makeover? Well, it’s not that hard especially if you know what you’re doing. It takes organizing and adding a fresher color to your bathroom; and so you’ll need bathroom painting ideas.

Painting can be done in any area of your house. You can apply it in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and other rooms of the house. Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms that you should consider applying the right color of paint. So read on and get great bathroom painting ideas.

Painting your bathroom wall is a challenge that you must overcome. The color that you choose has a powerful and immediate effect on your eyes. So there’s a great need to select the appropriate color. By mixing inspiration and the color scheme of your choice, you can achieve sudden changes in your bathroom’s appearance.

Select a color that’s fresh to adorn your bathroom walls. You can even do the painting yourself over the weekend because it’s not a tough job. You don’t have to hire someone else to do it for you because it will only be an added cost. Since your bathroom is not a very big room, you can finish the job in no time at all. By doing things on your own, you can experiment with the colors and paint your bathroom the way you want it.

Some individuals even find it smart to design decorations around their mirrors and the simple borders of ceilings and windows. Admit it, not all individuals are gifted with an artistic sense. So if you don’t have any idea on how to design your bathroom, look into magazines and helpful websites that feature a photo gallery of bathroom makeover. You can get valuable pieces of information regarding bathroom makeover. Aside from that, the baseboard of your bathroom should also have a contrasting color, for it to be distinctive.

Now, there’s more to just painting your bathroom. After you’ve painted your bathroom with the right paint color, and applied the finish on it, then you can further enhance the beauty of your bathroom by adding things like charming lights and hooks for towels.

Money is hard to earn these days, so when you finally decide to have a bathroom makeover, you should always think economically. List everything that you will need in painting your bathroom; this way, you can calculate how much it’s going to cost. You can even find local paint stores that can give you a discount if you get large quantities of paint from them.