Bedroom Painting Ideas

When you start your day, the first thing you see is your bedroom. And, when you end your day, the last thing you see before you go to bed is also your bedroom. This is why it is important that you should properly decorate your bedroom in order to induce sleep during bed time and you should also have a bedroom that will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere that can encourage you to get up and face another great day.

As you can see, the bedroom is considered to be one of the most important parts of the house. It is a place for your own and it is considered to be your sanctuary. The bedroom is your private and personal retreat. Inside your bedroom, you can have a world for yourself and shut off the world outside and do whatever you want and be yourself.

It is important that the bedroom should provide you with the right atmosphere that can enhance your mood. It should be able to tell you to take it easy, wind down and relax. So, in order to have a great bedroom that will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere, you should first start by coloring it right.

Most people think that providing an extra soft bed and extra decorations is enough to give a relaxing atmosphere. Although this can prove to be true, you have to consider that the color tones of your wall are one of the most important factors in providing you with a warm and relaxing bedroom.

Before you start painting your bedroom with your favorite color, you first need to know that there rules in painting your bedroom. Since this is your private retreat and is a part of the house that is least visited by other people, you can experiment and be creative about the decoration as well as the wall color. However, you should also follow the three basic rules in choosing the color for your room.

The first rule is the color family rule. For example, if you want to paint your room with the color blue, you should consider having a decoration inside your bedroom that will also have the shade of blue. This is called monochromatic schemes that is simple to do and very popular for most people. So, if you like a particular color for your bedroom wall, you should also get a shade of that color in as your lampshade color, your bed sheet color and also your picture frame color.

The second rule is the next door neighbor color rule. If you are familiar with the color wheel, you will have an idea on what kinds of color you should put in your bedroom. For example, if you like red, then the colors next to it in the color wheel will prove to be great combinations. If you choose red then you should also use the colors orange and violet. If you choose blue, then the colors green and violet can prove to be a great combination and so on. This color scheme is called the analogous color scheme.

The third rule is the Ying and Yang rule. Chinese beliefs suggest that you should have adequate Yin and Yang in your house. This means that there should be opposites of everything and this will include the colors. And, this proves to be true. It can create a harmonious environment that you will truly love. Most people love the basic black and white combination. You can experiment with different dark and light shades of colors and determine which can provide you with a great looking bedroom.

These are the three basic rules in providing a comfortable and relaxing environment in your bedroom. Be creative and you will definitely have different ideas on what colors you should paint your bedroom with.