Learn when it makes sense to change the color of your exterior trim and how much this project might cost

What to Know About Getting Your Home’s Exterior Trim Painted.

Whether you’ve purchased a home recently or had yours for a while, changing your trim color can be an effective way to give your house a new look. Here’s what to know about working with a pro to paint your exterior trim, including how much it might cost.

Boost curb appeal and prevent underlying damage by patching and repainting your home’s outer layer

Ready to Repaint Your Home’s Exterior? Get Project Details Here.

Time for a fresh coat of paint? Whether your home’s exterior is showing signs of wear or you want to update the look with a new color, here are all of the details you need to make the job a success.

Protect your siding from weather damage without exposing yourself to mismatched paint by learning the right way to do touch-ups

How to Touch Up Your Home’s Exterior Paint.

A pristine exterior paint job not only increases your home’s curb appeal; it also helps protect its trim, flashing and siding from damage from the elements. That’s why maintaining your paint is so important — letting it bubble and flake between paint jobs can end up harming your house.

Fortunately, you can prevent damage with annual paint touch-ups. Here’s how to do it right.

Look for paint color ideas in things you already love: a piece of art, a cozy café, a vintage plate — even a memory

Where to Find Home Color Inspiration.

Are you thinking about new colors for the new year? Maybe you’ve been putting off your painting project because you just can’t decide on which colors to use. After all, there are a million colors out there. If you like so many of them, which ones should you choose? One strategy is to make the process unique to you and what you like — not what others are doing. You can start by identifying an item, place, feeling or memory you find inspiring. Color is personal, and you’ll be happiest when your selections reflect who you are.

Paint a door, swap out a light fixture or introduce freshly cut botanicals. These 7 subtle ideas bring warmth home

Bring Cheer to Your Home With a Dash of the Tropics.

It’s nearly spring, but in many parts of the country there’s still a chill in the air and summer feels a long way off. So now might be a great time to consider bringing a vacation vibe to your home — in the subtlest of ways, of course. For me, there’s nothing more cheerful and summery than colors and accessories that evoke the tropics.

Going tropical with your decor doesn’t mean you have to paint several accent walls in vivid colors such as turquoise, tangerine or canary yellow. Nor do you need to trade in sleek furniture for wicker pieces. In fact, when it comes to adding a vacation vibe to your home, less is often more. Here are seven ways to add a splash of the tropics to your existing design. Doing so can give your home a sunny vibe — and you an emotional boost — all year.

Let your favorite hues loose without skirting your lease, with these room-by-room ideas for apartments and other rented homes

Steep Your Rental in Color — Without Painting the Walls.

This ideabook is for color lovers who need alternatives to painting the walls. Even if your landlord has a strict no-painting policy, or you know you will be moving before long, you can still have a home that is vibrantly colorful and utterly you. Check out these ideas and inspiration to fill every room in your home with rental-friendly color.

Learn how to hire and work with a painting contractor to get the best results

Great Home Project: How to Get Your Home’s Exterior Painted.

There’s nothing like a fresh paint job to punch up a house’s curb appeal. And hiring a professional to do it is the best way to get a superior result — and save you the headache of ladders, repairs and other hassles.

Use color and texture to create a pleasing connection between your house and garden

How to Make Your Painted or Stained House Feel at Home in the Landscape.

Every house has untapped potential. Far too many of them, whether clad in brick, stone, stucco, wood or composite siding, sit atop the land in unremarkable ways, barely making any meaningful connection to it. Good landscape designers make it a top priority to establish that connection, to make the house seem at home in its environment. However, choosing a paint palette, or designing a landscape around an existing palette, is a daunting task to many homeowners.

Painted or stained houses offer exciting potential because such an array of hues and tones are available. In some situations existing paint colors cannot be easily changed, perhaps due to homeowner’s association regulations or because certain siding arrives prefinished. In other situations it is best not to disturb an existing garden but instead repaint the house. In either case the principles are the same. Let’s look at the process, rationale and artistry that designers employ to create that seamless connection.

Get ideas for an exterior palette from these homes that run the gamut from Mediterranean to modern

8 Homes With Exterior Paint Colors Done Right

There is nothing scarier for some people than choosing paint colors for the exterior of their house. What goes together? What colors work with the style of the home? What will the neighbors think? These are all concerns I’ve heard over the years.

I like to give people two tips on choosing exterior color. First and most important, pay attention to the color of your roof. Make sure the colors you are considering either complement or blend with the roof. Second, consider the architecture and landscaping as a starting point.

Here are some great examples of paint colors that got both considerations right.