Cleaning up after painting a room

Take a Break:

Bring a roll of plastic wrap and a couple of ziplock bags to your tools station. Whenever you need a break from painting simply wrap up your brushes and rollers tightly in plastic wrap and then seal them inside a plastic bag.

You can even put the entire bag into the freezer to keep brushes overnight or until the next weekend when you can finish the job. Thaw an hour or so before using again.


A package of rags can be a painter’s best friend. Use them to wipe up spills, dab off excess paint, fix mistakes, or clean your hands.

Razor Blades:

Use these to scrape off excess dried paint on window glass.

Easy Cleanup for Latex Paint:

Try adding a couple of capfuls of laundry fabric softener to a bucket of clear water. When you’re finished painting simply place the paint brushes and rollers in this solution for about ten minutes. Agitate each item for a minute or two before removing it and rinsing well with clear water. Blot off excess moisture then air dry the brushes and rollers before putting them away.

Extra Paint:

Buy a few empty pint size paint cans at the hardware store and use these to store excess paint. Tape on the label from the larger paint can, or write on the new can with a permanent marker, noting the room, color and date. Tape on the color card if you have it with the paint number and where it was purchased.

Touch Up Bottles:

Save small jars from baby food or condiments. Clean them thoroughly and use them to store small amounts of paint. Keep these in a Ziplock bag along with a small foam brush. These tools will make touchups fast and easy. Write on the cap if you need to distinguish between wall paint and trim paint, or flat vs. semi-gloss, for example.