Electric Blanket Doesn’t Work

Problem: Electric blanket doesn’t seem to be heating properly.

Background: Electric blankets that are not operating should be returned to the store from which they were purchased. Often, however, they may not operate properly because something is interfering with the control’s ability to gauge the room temperature and properly control the blanket’s warmth.

What to do: To troubleshoot with an electric blanket, first check the outlet and all connections. Be sure the wired portion of the blanket is not tucked in under the mattress or bed slat, and that it is not crimped against the wall or footboard. This will cause the safety thermostats to shut off. The blanket also may not operate if the average room temperature is much above 72°. Check to be sure the control is not covered by another blanket, sheet, or spread. Also while in use, avoid laying books or heavy items on the blanket, don’t sit on it, and don’t cover it with another blanket or bedspread.

Special advice: To test an electric blanket to see if it is operating, fold the blanket, connect the control, and plug it into the outlet. Turn the control to high and wait 10 minutes. You should be able to feel its warmth when you put your hand between the folds.

Helpful hint: Avoid folding the blanket when it is in use, do not use it for infants, disabled persons, or anyone sensitive to heat. Always turn an electric blanket off when not in use. Also, if a dual-control blanket doesn’t seem to work, check to make sure it is not turned over, causing the control on one side to operate the blanket on the opposite side, and vice versa.