Grout Coloring, Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning one’s tiles and the grout can be an exhaustive and extensive task. It may even take days to get the cleaning completed and still the result may not be as desired. One may use the home-based solutions and spray on the floor and do the tile and grout cleaning and if the dirt can be loosened out it won’t take too much of efforts to clean it up. Problems come when the dirt or grime is sticking to the tiles and is difficult to clean it even after an exhaustive attempt. In such cases, professionals can do this job very easily and within a time frame will make the tiles clean as if they are new.

Such professionals also provide services such as grout coloring wherein they may change the color of the grout as per their client’s preferences. Primarily clients ask for grout coloring when the tiles or grouts are old and have stains which are not easy to remove and may have caused discoloration in the tiles. In such cases to give a new look to the grout, one may opt for the grout coloring. In this process the stains like food residue, cooking oil will need to be removed completely. There are solutions which are used for this purpose to remove the stains and one must be careful to not get exposed to it directly. These may cause an adverse reaction to the skin. After applying the solution the floor is cleaned thoroughly with water and should be dried completely. On the dried floor, the colorant is uniformly applied. The colorant is very useful as it holds the color applied onto it and for future, it is also preventive for the tiles. It doesn’t let the dirt or grime settle directly on the tiles. The colorant has to be applied in several layers. Usually, it is 3 layers or sometimes more so that the color stays for a longer period of time.

The grout coloring is usually done after tile and grout cleaning and it needs one efficient hand so that colorant is evenly put across the tiles. The right brush size has to be used for that and the strokes have to be made with precision. It is best to get it done from professionals as they know their job very well and in very less time they will give a good and desired result.

Tile and grout cleaning is very important not only from aesthetic point of view but also to maintain the best of hygiene in one’s house. There are disease-causing bacteria on the tiles, which one cannot see from their naked eyes and needs constant maintenance and regular cleaning. Nowadays people find doing all this very tough as they may be busy with their study or job etc and may not find sufficient time to do a proper cleaning. Such cases it is best to opt for the professional cleaners who will also advise on how to maintain the cleanliness in the future with fewer efforts.

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