How to add or replace weather stripping

Out with the old:

1. If you currently have bad weather stripping, it will need to be removed before you can get started. Take a scraper, chisel, or utility knife and scrape off the old stripping.

2. If it was held in place with small nails, don’t try to re move them. Simply cut the nails flush with the surface, assuring that none stick out past the jamb. If they are still visible, drive them into the jamb by using a bigger nail and tapping slightly with a hammer.

3. Remove all remnants and/or leftover adhesive with the scraper.

4. Clean the area thoroughly with soap and water.

5. Let it dry completely.

In with the new:

1. Measure each side of the doorjamb that needs to be fitted with stripping. Add a couple of inches to your measurements so there is room for play.

2. Cut the new weather stripping to size.

3. Attach the cut pieces to the doorjamb using the method of application that corresponds to the type of weather stripping you purchased. Be careful to keep the stripping level and within the jamb.

4. Cut off any excess stripping.


For extra protection from the elements (including those eight-legged ones), install a rubber sweep underneath the door. This is usually a simple exercise of drilling holes and attaching the sweep with screws. There are a couple of different styles of door sweeps to choose from. Some will be easy to install, others may require you to remove the door to install them correctly.
Rubber weather stripping is not only the easiest to use, but will hold up for a long time and resist the elements. Stay away from felt or foam since they tend to deteriorate quickly.