How to Detect Mold in your Home

How to Detect Mold in your Home
Mold can cause some serious problems when it takes up residence in your home. When mold is found in a home, it should be handled with extreme concern and caution. Mold can be essentially found in any environment or season, so its smart to be on the lookout, especially if you have had any leaky pipes or water damage. Because mold grows on organic material, it can do a lot of damage to your home. Most types of mold are allergenic and some are even toxic, meaning exposure to most molds can have adverse effects on your health. The majority of indoor mold growth is potentially harmful and a should be removed as soon as possible. It’s important to be aware of the presence of mold on walls or in your home. Below are a few ways to detect mold growth inside your house.
Be Aware of Leaks or Moist Ar
Mold grows quickly and spreads even quicker. All molds thrive in damp or humid areas, and commonly these are spots like within walls or under sinks where mold can easily stay hidden. Because of this, mold infestations can take off and get out of hand before you know it. Most of the time the only way to detect a hidden mold problem is by actively looking for it, or from the presence of stale air and allergy like symptoms.
Watch for Water Damage
Many homeowners don’t notice roof leaks or water entering around windows before the damage is already done. Check your home during and after heavy storms to find any spots that water may be entering form damage or weathered materials. Water damage will inevitably lead to mold damage if left unchecked. This goes for basements and attics big time.
Be Aware of Odd Smells
If you start to smell musty odors, you should search for mold. Smelling the mold means that it is reproducing by releasing spores, and inhaling these spores could be harmful. Remember that mold grows where water is present, so the best places to look are usually around leaky A/C units or behind refrigerators. If you find mold, it’s important not to handle it directly. Some molds can be toxic and cause skin irritation if you come into contact so emphasize safety.
Get a Certified Mold Inspection
If you are weary about the presence of mold in your home, you can call certified mold remediation specialists like Steamy Concepts for a free visual mold inspection. We have a 24/7 emergency response, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about the mold remediation process. We are skilled and trained to find even the most hidden mold, like within walls or under tile. After all is said and done, the road to prevention is awareness. Be on the lookout for any signs of mold in your home and call us at the first sign to stop mold in its tracks.

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