How to Paint a Room

Step by Step Guide To Paint a Room:

Step 1

Stir paint before using. If paint is old, have a local retailer check that it is still usable and spin the container. Pour paint into a coffee can for trim work and cutting in, or a roller tray for ceilings and walls. Paint ceiling, walls, and then trim. As you work, tape off areas with painting tape. Buy a spout for the paint can; it will keep the rim neat.

Step 2

Use top-quality nylon/polyester filament brushes for latex; natural China bristle for oil paint. A 1-in. Or 2 1/2-in. angular sash brush is good for details and cutting in; a 2 1/2-in. straight brush, for wide trim. Buy quality rollers—short nap for smooth surfaces and minimum 1/2–1in. nap for textured walls. Tape off the ceiling, then cut in all around it. Paint ceiling with a roller, using a sturdy extension handle.

Step 3

Let the ceiling paint dry thoroughly; then prepare to paint the walls. Choose a wall to begin with and cut in on this wall only. First cut in around the ceiling, floor, doorways, windows, and trim. A wheeled paint pad is easy to use, requires no taping, and better matches a roller’s texture. Still, a sash brush may be needed in places. If working alone, cut in edges for only as large an area as you can go over before cut-in area dries.

Step 4

Immediately after cutting in, roll that area with paint. Apply paint in an pattern to the upper part of the wall and roll it out. Repeat for the lower part, blending areas to avoid lap marks. Be sure to work with wet edges to avoid a “bordered” look. Depending on the color and type of paint, you may need one or two coats. Tinting the primer to half the formula of the finish paint can reduce the number of required coats.

Step 5

Finally, paint the trim. Tape it off or use a broad knife, paint shield, or other straightedge to keep edges neat. Clean applicators when they become overfull or messy and after use. Options for cleaning include rinsing, running the roller over a plastic roller scraper, or spinning with a painting-tool spinner held over a lined garbage can.

Paint Tip:

Paint Clean-up With Baby Wipes

Keep a box of baby wipes near whenever you paint. Wipes will not only remove spills from baseboards and wallpaper, but will also remove most dried paint (even from your own polished nails the next day!)