How To Remove Wallpaper

1. Every good job starts with preparation. For this prep, simply move all furniture away from the wall and cover it with drop cloths. If you are in a bathroom with a tile floor, yon are pretty much ready to go.

2. Begin in the corners. See if you can grab a piece of wallpaper and begin to pull. Sometimes you will hit the jackpot and it will simply peel right off. Most times, you will be able to pull some off with ease, but you will be left with some stubborn spots of paper and a lot of leftover glue residue.

3. Remove all that you can while dry

4. Fill your squirt bottle with hot water. It just has to be hot/warm (not boiling). Out of your tap is fine.

5. Spray a good mist on the wall, starting at the top and moving in about a four-foot section across. Be sure to mist well.

6. Repeat about four times, until the wall is saturated. Be careful, however, not to oversaturated, as it can ruin dry wall if it gets too wet.

7. Take your scraper and gently start scraping away wall paper and/or glue residue. I say “gently” because it is very easy to nick or gouge the wet drywall.

8. Repeat this process until the entire wall is wallpaper! Glue free.

9. Some places will tell you to score the wallpaper with a razor blade, but this is never a good idea. This will leave your wall scratched and nicked.

10. If you are still left with residue on the wall, grab some sandpaper and sand it away. You can start with a really rough surface (60 grit), and gradually work your way up to a very smooth surface (220 grit). This should remove all gunks from the wall. Keep in mind that you may have to go through a lot of sandpaper, as it will get “gunked up” with all the glue.