Installing a Doorstop

We’ve talked about drywall repair—by now, you know how to fix it. But let’s talk about what we can do to prevent it. Sure, accidents happen, but one major reason we get holes in dry wall is from our doorknobs banging into the wall. There is an easy way to combat this before it does any damage to your wall . . . install a doorstop!

How to install a doorstop:

The first order of business is to decide what type of doorstop you would like. A lot of it depends on what looks the best, since all makes and models will get the job done. There are three major types of doorstops:

1. Baseboard-Mounted: Spring-loaded or solid-shaft door-stops that attach to the baseboard

2. Door Hinge—Mounted: Solid-shaft doorstops that attach to the hinge of a door

3. Wall-Mounted: Rubber doorstops that attach to the wall where the knob comes in contact with the wall.

My favorite? The spring-loaded baseboard-mounted doorstop—it’s easy to install, stays out of the way, doesn’t break up the look of the wall, and makes a great “boing” noise when you hit it.

Baseboard-mounted doorstops:

1. Hold the door open gently against the wall.

2. Measure two inches in from the edge of the door. Mark this spot on the wall.

3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, you will simply screw the doorstop directly into the base board. If it comes with separate screws, use those to attach it to the baseboard.

4. Make sure you are attaching to the baseboard and not the wall. If your wall is drywall and you attempt to attach the doorstop to that, you will push right through with one good swing of the door.

Door hinge—mounted:

1. This one, although not too difficult, requires a little more concentration and skill.

2. Grab a friend to hold the door.

3. Remove the pin of the hinge. If it gives you a little trouble, use the flat-head end of your screwdriver to pry it upward. Tap the screwdriver with a hammer for a little more force.

4. Put the hinge pin through the doorstop and through the door hinge, making sure the rubber sides face both the door and the wall.

5. Re-insert the pin through the entire hinge and voila! Doorstop installed . . . and very sneaky. Usually, no one ever notices it is there.


1. Open the door and set it gently against the wall.

2. Mark this exact spot on the wall.

3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but it should be easy to attach to the wall using the screw’s provided.

4. If you are only screwing into drywall, use a wall anchor to make it more secure.