Installing a Peephole

Ladies, here is an inexpensive and effective way to be more secure in your own home. Peepholes are one of the best and simplest ways to improve security—not to mention the benefits of quietly fending off unwanted salespeople and nosy neighbors!

How to install a peephole:

1. Measure the distance from the floor to eye level. A range of between 58 and 62 inches is comfortable for most adults, but it’s a good idea to think about making it accessible to any children in the house—even if this makes it on the low side for you.

2. Wearing eye protection, drill a pilot hole with an — >1- inch drill bit all the way through the door.

3. Attach a spade or “paddle” bit to your drill. The size will depend on the diameter of the peephole you purchased. Measure it and use the appropriate size.

4. Using the pilot hole as a guide, drill through the door with the paddle bit, stopping halfway. This is very important: only drill halfway! Drilling halfway from each side will prevent the door from splitting on the other side.

5. Move to the other side of the door, and drill from that side until you get all the way through to the hole you began on the other side.

6. Insert the viewer sleeve (this is the part of the peephole with the bubble) from the outside of the door.

7. Screw the other half of the viewer into the sleeve from the inside of the door.

8. Tighten the peephole by hand, with one hand on each side of the door.

Make sure you center your drill hole before you start: measure across the door (horizon tally) to be sure.
When using the paddle bit, make sure the drill is level and straight. If you are off even just a tiny bit, you will have a hole that is not level.
Many manufacturers say that you should take the door off its hinges for this project. I say—keep it on! In my opinion, taking the door off its hinges will not make installation easier. Keeping it on provides a stable way to hold the door in place.