Lego bricks, chalkboard paint, Barbie dolls. The decor in this creative home is as playful as it is personal

Eccentricities Fill a London Flat.

As with all good homes, a tour of this one-bedroom flat in East London is like walking inside the mind of its owner. Lego, typographic prints, Barbie dolls, taxidermy, train station signs and a giant teacup all sit under the same roof. It’s an eclectic mix, but owner Tom Chalet makes it work.

What’s even more impressive is that he did most of it by himself. “People don’t often think of me as the DIY type,” he says, “but it was pretty easy to do all of this alone. For one thing I had no budget, so I just decorated as I went along, using bits and pieces I’ve gathered over the past four years.”