Modern Bathroom Ideas

Chic and stylish are seldom the first words that come to mind when you think of your bathroom. For most people, bathrooms are more functional than aesthetic—after all, you don’t use it as much as your bedroom or living room. But modern design is slowly changing all that.

Modern bathrooms have evolved from the basic shower-and-toilet setup to luxury rooms where you can relax for hours. Think of it as a luxury spa, except that it’s right in your own home. But the best news is that it’s not as lavish as it sounds. Here are some trendy touches that can take your bathroom from drab and dated to stylishly modern.

Vessel sinks

Vessel sinks are placed completely above the counter so that they look like separate pieces. This is a fresh change from traditional sinks, which are often built or integrated into the countertop. The modern look of vessel sinks comes from their sleek designs and bold colors. Look for bright colors that match other elements in your bathroom, such as shower curtains and area rugs. Modern materials such as glass and stone offer excellent wear and will last years of constant use.

Matching faucets

Set off your sink with a matching bathroom faucet. Modern design is about combining function and style, so look for one that’s both stylish and easy to use. The taps that come with most sinks are usually of low quality. Look for one that can withstand everyday abuse. Metals such as brass, copper, and stainless steel are fairly durable and will fit in with the modern theme.

Recessed lighting

Traditional bathrooms use overhead lighting, or a single large bulb that lights the entire room. While this is certainly convenient, it doesn’t do much in terms of aesthetics. Modern bathrooms favor subtle lights that work on smaller parts of the room. Use a separate light for your vanity, tub, and shower areas. This makes for a more relaxing mood and a more flattering reflection. Use yellow or white area rugs to help disperse the light.


The vanity is an important element in modern bathroom design. What was once a simple dressing table is now a personal armoire complete with a sink, counter, shelves, mirrors, and carefully planned lighting—all matching a single theme. Vanity sets are available from most home supply stores, but you can save money by putting your own set together. Pick a modern countertop as your base and let it set the theme for the rest of your setup.

Area rugs

Flooring has evolved more than any part of the bathroom over the years. If you’re still using ceramic tile, consider updating by using modular carpets, cork, or even hardwood. Use area rugs to protect your floors from damage and provide warmth in the cold season. Just avoid natural materials such as wool area rugs and jute area rugs, as they won’t hold up well to moisture. If you have a small floor space, use kids area rugs—they’re smaller and add a more welcoming look to the room.

Decorate Your Bathroom On A Low Budget

Are you having a little difficulty decorating your bathroom without spending too much? Fret no more because I am just about to share some ways on how to do so without spending chunks of money.

First of all, consider what and how you like your bathroom to look like. Do you visualize a clean and sleek look? What about a feminine and relaxed style? Or perhaps, an eco-friendly design? This way decorating your bathroom will no longer be as hard as it should be because you have the foundation to work on.

Now that you have picked your choice, next step is to start being more creative. Putting in some small pots of plants does not only demonstrate an eco-friendly look, but it’s also a nice décor to achieve a spa-like ambiance. Couple the look with some small candle holders with scented candles and you likely created a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom. Meanwhile, if you are off to this idea, get a nice-looking vase and put some fresh flower on it. They are surely going to be a nice sight to place in one corner of the area.

You may also put a small but nice-looking art wall décor to transform a boring wall to a livelier one. If you love traveling, check out the souvenirs shops in places for some small tokens you can buy and make use as an accessory to hang on your wall. Again, this doesn’t have to be a hundred-worth of painting because it will only defeat the purpose of bathroom decoration at a low budget. Think cheap in price, but beautiful in quality!