Oven Light Burns Out

Problem: Range oven light does not work when switched on.

Background: If the oven light will not work, first make sure the stove is getting power. Check to see that the plug from the range is completely inserted in the electrical outlet. Also the circuit breaker in your house may have been tripped, or a fuse may have been blown. The light bulb may also be loose in its socket.

What to do: Before replacing the oven lamp bulb, disconnect the electric power for your range at the main fuse or circuit breaker panel. Let the lamp cover and bulb cool completely before attempting to remove or replace them. On many stove models, the oven lamp bulb is covered with a removable glass cover which is held in place with a bail-shaped wire. (On other models, you may have to remove screws to take off the glass cover.) With the bail- type, hold your hand under the glass cover so it doesn’t fall when re leased. With your fingers (on the same hand), firmly push back the wire bail until it clears the cover. Lift off the cover and try tightening the bulb, in case it was loose. If this doesn’t work, replace the bulb with a home appliance bulb of the same wattage.

Special advice: To replace the glass cover, place it into the groove of the lamp receptacle. Pull the wire bail forward to the center of the cover until it snaps into place. When in place, the wire should hold the cover firmly. Be sure the wire bail is in the depression in the center of the cover.

After the cover is in place, restore electric power to the range.

Helpful hint: If a new bulb doesn’t work, the problem may be that the switch operating the oven light is defective. Call for a technician or consult an appliance parts retailer.