Paint a door, swap out a light fixture or introduce freshly cut botanicals. These 7 subtle ideas bring warmth home

Bring Cheer to Your Home With a Dash of the Tropics.

It’s nearly spring, but in many parts of the country there’s still a chill in the air and summer feels a long way off. So now might be a great time to consider bringing a vacation vibe to your home — in the subtlest of ways, of course. For me, there’s nothing more cheerful and summery than colors and accessories that evoke the tropics.

Going tropical with your decor doesn’t mean you have to paint several accent walls in vivid colors such as turquoise, tangerine or canary yellow. Nor do you need to trade in sleek furniture for wicker pieces. In fact, when it comes to adding a vacation vibe to your home, less is often more. Here are seven ways to add a splash of the tropics to your existing design. Doing so can give your home a sunny vibe — and you an emotional boost — all year.