Painting Furniture

Painted furniture can be quite charming, but if you aren’t sure how to tackle the project, these tips should help you out.

1. Remove any handles or pulls and put them aside.

2. Put a plastic tarp or some waxed paper under the legs; that way when the paint dries, it won’t stick to your work surface.

3. If the piece has been painted before and you aren’t sure when, you don’t want to sand it down because older paints can contain lead. Use a putty knife and some wood filler to even out any nicks and gouges.

4. Then prime the piece with a de-glossing primer. This will give you a flat surface to work on that paint will adhere to easily.

5. If you want a glossy finish, use an enamel paint; for a softer finish, use latex.

6. Brush the paint on in long, even strokes using either a good brush or a sponge applicator. The sponges work great on edges and trim because they easily conform to the shape you need. Put on two coats of paint for the best coverage.

How do colors effect room size?

Generally, warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows close in a space. Blues, greens, and violets tend to make a room look larger. Dark colors have a diminishing effect. Whites are always a good choice for making a room look larger.

My room has a chair rail and I am using two colors….?

This depends on the look you want to achieve. If you want an open, airy look, always paint the portion of the wall below the chair rail darker allowing the lighter color to dominate.

Should trim work be painted the same color as the walls…?

Use the same color to hide trim work, use a lighter or darker color to bring out the trim work and add highlights.

Will the paint I choose look lighter or darker on the wall?

Larger surfaces make the paint appear darker. As a general rule, always choose colors that are a shade or two lighter than what you want. Do keep in mind that colors can also appear lighter or darker depending on surrounding colors and lighting.

What is the best way to decide which color is best for my room?

Take color chips home to determine the color of your room. A nice technique is to hold the color chips in the daylight and at night so you will see how lighting will effect your color choices.

What color should I paint my ceiling?

White or off-white colors will create the illusion of having a higher ceiling and more open space. Whereas medium to dark colors will create the illusion of lowering the ceiling. Customarily, white or off-white tend to be used.

Will the paint actually match the color chip?

As a general rule, paint on a color chip will appear slightly lighter than when applied in a room. Always take into account the sheen of the paint, the lighting in the room, and other colors that are in the room.