Painting Metal Tips

There are many different painting metal tips that you can take and run with. There are several different types of metal. Your first step is to know which type you plan to paint and then learn how to paint it. Why take so much time to learn about painting metal? It is quite simple. If you know how to paint it properly, it will come out beautifully. Here are some of the steps you need to take when painting metal. Tips like these are important to follow!

You will want to start with a clean, dry surface no matter what. Non ferrous metals will require that you use an etching liquid on them so that the paint sticks to the metal. You will then need to sand glossy surfaces to help with adhesion. You will also need to check for and repair any signs of corrosion on the surface as well.

What most people do not do when painting metal is to use a primer. Unfortunately, if you go without the primer you are asking for trouble! In areas where there is rust damage, use a rust inhibitive primer. Primers allow the paint to stick to the metal better while not “looking” bad. Depending on the type of metal that you are using, you will want to paint with the correct type of primer. For example if you are painting a ferrous metal, then look for a primer that will work in this situation best.

Other things that you need to do when painting metal include making sure that your paint is usable on metal, making sure to mix it well, and making sure that you get a good two coats on the surface. These tips are only the start of your project. You need to take the time to find out which type of paint you need and you need to make sure that safety is always the first priority.