Painting Trimwork I have a couple of easy ways to fix those problems.

If your knotholes are showing through, and there are cracks and gouges in your trim work, I have a couple of easy ways to fix those problems.

1. Knotholes are a really common problem on painted trim. They bleed right through the paint and look awful. To cover them up, paint a coat of stain sealing primer over the knotholes and let it dry. This type of specialized primer will seal in stains and knotholes so they won’t bleed through again.

2. To fill cracks and gouges in that woodwork, mix a small amount of paint with a little kitchen flour. Use the paste and a putty knife to go over all of the imperfections. The cool thing about the solution is that by mixing the filler with paint, it will blend easily and be ready for a fresh coat of paint in no time.

3. Now all that’s left to do is paint that trim. Make sure that you tape off the surrounding walls so you don’t end up having to paint them too, and then go to work. Use a good brush so you don’t get a lot of stroke marks.

4. To paint baseboards, sit on a skateboard and scoot yourself along the wall. It’s easier on your back than squatting and crawling around on the floor.