Painting Windows Here are some hints to make the job easier.

Does painting the woodwork on your windows seem like a hassle? Here are some hints to make the job easier.

1. Scrape old paint away with a putty knife.

2. Use sandpaper to even out the surface.

3. Brush away any dust and dirt.

4. Rub a damp bar of soap over the glass. This way if the paint splatters while you’re working, it won’t stick (you can also wipe petroleum jelly on your windows for the same protection).

5. Carefully paint along the window frame, and then allow the paint to dry. If you’re working on an inside window, to prevent them from becoming painted shut, open and close them several times while they’re drying.

6. If you get latex paint on your hands, just spray some shaving cream on them, rub thoroughly and then rinse. The paint will come right off!