Rag rolling | Bagging


Rolling a lint-free cloth over a properly prepared wall will give it a randomly distressed look. First prepare the surface and then apply a coat of matte oil-based paint. As it is vital to work quickly, the tinted oil glaze should be applied with a wide decorating brush to small areas. You will need several lint-free cloths or just one chamois leather.

1. Dip the lint-free cloth or chamois leather into turpentine. Wring the cloth out and roll it up. Then lightly roll the cloth over the tinted oil glaze.

2. Keep rolling the rag in different directions to create a distressed effect. Once the lint-free cloth is covered with paint, replace it with a fresh one.


This technique creates a strong, textured look, Prepare the surface with a coat of matte oil- based paint, and working in sections of approximately 2 sq yds (2 sq m), paint on the tinted oil glaze. Place a rolled-up cloth in a plastic bag and run the bag over the surface in a pattern, such as overlapping circles. Wipe off any excess glaze from the bag. When the glaze is dry, protect it with a layer of matte varnish.