Sticky Door Latch or Bolt

We talked about a sticking door, but what if the door is fine and just the latch or bolt sticks? A sticking latch bolt is usually caused by a buildup of dirt and insufficient lubrication If your key sticks or has trouble turning, there is an easy way to fix it Simply spray the keyhole with an all purpose spray lubricant, Try the key again—it should work effortlessly.

If the latch bolt is misaligned with the strike plate, it won’t fit into the strike plate’s opening. Check the door for loose hinges first. If the problem persists, align the strike plate and latch bolt.
Warping, due to humidity or water penetration, is another cause of latch bolt problems. Use a straightedge to see if the door is warped, and straighten it if necessary.


Flow to adjust or align your strike plate:

1. Unscrew the strike plate from the doorjamb and set it aside.

2. Take a pencil and mark up the end of bolt.

3. Close the door and turn the latch so that the bolt hits the doorjamb.

4. This should leave a mark on the doorjamb. This mark will show how you need to adjust the strike plate. You may need to use a chisel to adjust the hole.

5. Replace the strike plate so it aligns correctly with the bolt.