Paint brings a dreary porch floor to life in New England — watch the process unfold and get tips and ideas for your own floors

DIY: How to Paint Stripes on Your Floor.

I gave myself the daunting task of making over my three-season porch. I live in New England, so this porch is used only for about five months of the year at best, but I can see it from the kitchen sink, and it connects the kitchen with the backyard, so I wanted it to be a calm, welcoming space for my family. During the colder months, I just wanted it to be pretty to look at.

The biggest change would come through the power of paint. Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White on the walls and Harbor Fog on the ceiling provided the bright, crisp look I was going for. But the walls and ceilings were just the finishing touches. The entire design of this room began with one idea: painting gray and white stripes on the floor.

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