Smooth the surface and then cover with one or two coats of matte oil-based paint. Next, apply the tinted oil glaze over the matte paint in vertical strips 2 ft (60 cm) wide. When the glaze is applied, take a flogger brush and drag it down the wall in vertical strokes. The color of the matte paint will show through the glaze. As you work, wipe off the excess glaze from the brush with a lint cloth. Use the brush firmly.



Ragging creates an indistinct patterned effect. Apply a coat of matte oil-based paint to a prepared surface. Brush on the glaze. Bunch up a lint-free cloth and dab off the glaze from the surface. After 30 minutes, brush over with the tip of a softening brush to soften.

Ragging creates a very subtle effect. The color and pattern on a finished surface should look like a soft blur.

With ragging you soften the color twice, first with a lint cloth and second with the tips of a softening brush.

Dragging Technique

Dragging Technique

Unique finish idea. What you will need:

• Paint
• Wash/Glaze
• Mixing container
• 4 inch wide natural bristle brush
• 2 inch wide natural bristle brush
• clean cotton rags

If you are using the existing color base coat, skip this step. Otherwise, apply your base coat with a brush and/or roller and allow it to dry thoroughly. This technique is easier if you “mask” off the adjacent walls and around ceilings, windows and doors etc. Always use a “low tack” tape to ensure that you don´t damage your base coat.

Mix your wash/glaze. Apply over the base coat in a vertical section no wider than 20″, using a roller or brush.

Drag the wide, natural bristle brush through the wet glaze immediately, working from top to bottom in a long, continuous stroke. Keep the brush ridged; hold the bristles against the surface with the handle angled at your body. Repeat until the effect is that which you want.

Wipe the paintbrush regularly on a clean, dry rag to remove excess glaze to ensure that you maintain an even appearance.

If softer lines are desired, use the softer, smaller brush after about 5 minutes and brush the surface lightly with continuous vertical strokes. HINT: This finish looks best using tone on tone colors, such as white or beige base coat and blue or green glazes, but the combinations are limitless. It is recommended that you try your color choices on a board first.