Prevent injuries and tire damage while making a great first impression by replacing or repairing front paths

How to Give Your Driveway and Front Walk More Curb Appeal.

They’re the first thing visitors see when approaching your home (even before they get to the front door), which makes the driveway and front walk the keys to maximizing curb appeal. Here we’ll give you all the details on updating your front walk and driveway, from material choices to costs.

Electric Gates – Are they cost affective and will they secure my home?

It wasn’t long ago that electric gates were something you only saw on big estate houses and the driveways of the rich and famous. We all imagine tall iron gates with security cameras and intercoms that produce an over protective security guard demanding some scheduled appointment or other whys ‘please leave’.

Those days are long behind us and more and more people are installing stylish looking gates that complement the age and style of their property, protect their home or business and keep away unwanted callers.

So why not just install some basic gates and save some pennies?
Unfortunately, we are all only human and who wants to continuously get in and out of their vehicle every time we want to leave or enter our driveway. Especially when the rains coming down or we are late to get the kids to school. So, if we have gates, we leave them open. It’s just easier that way and open gates in a driveway are about as useful as no gates at all. What’s more inviting to an unwanted caller than an open driveway. Whether they are looking to tell you about their favourite religion or just checking out your property for late night easy access.

Are electric gates really that easier to use?
In short, yes. Long gone are the days of pressing a buzzer on a voice box to gain access to your home, or having to get your car inches from the gates to get the remote to work. The very latest technology provides access from remote wireless triggers or even your mobile phone. The Telephone Entry System (TES) is perhaps the most flexible system, it can offer the flexibility to use multiple phones with multiple access codes which can even be allocated to different time zones.

Will they help to secure my home?
Electric gates alone won’t guarantee a completely secure driveway, but used in combination with further security measures they will act as a deterrent to potential intruders. When not in use the gates are closed making it that much harder to access your property.

Are electric gates safe to use?

There has been a number of incidents recently in the press related to electric gate injuries. Always ensure that you have your gates installed by qualified engineers recognised by the industry’s leading trade bodies.

What will they cost?
The cost of installing electric gates can vary greatly. Your choice in material and the design and style of gate will affect the cost. A quality set of automated gates can be in the region of £6,000.00 to £9,000.00. You then need to add in the cost of access control
Most qualified installers will provide a free quotation and advice. So, if you have a sloping driveway or access is difficult from the street then they will have a solution that will work for you. Look for an installer that is accredited and approved by the right industry bodies to ensure they meet all safety standards.

No one can guarantee that a new set of electric gates will increase the value of your property but they will appeal to future purchasers looking for additional security and privacy to their new property.