Exterior Painting Pointers – What to Consider When Choosing House Paint Color

Choosing one’s house paint color appears to be an easy and exciting thing to do. However, when the actual purchasing is already on hand, homeowners become stumped and suddenly find it hard to come up with the ultimate decision.

Definitely, the paint color of a house speaks of the owner’s personality. The house paint color often stays for years, thus it is important to make the right pick so that living inside it would prove to be worth the investment.

Here are some suggestions that might help you in arriving at your envisioned house paint color.

Budget Planning

Before leaping into the house paint shopping frenzy, talk to an experienced person and ask for a list of things to purchase. Canvass the prices of these items so that you can compute how much you need to allocate for the painting materials.

Negotiate with Suppliers

There are suppliers who provide payment schemes or offer discounts for bulk purchasing. Some also provide house paint color advice depending on the owner’s needs. Do not hesitate to approach the suppliers; they would be more than happy to serve you.

Color Psychology

Psychologists say that colors generate emotional responses and depict one’s personality make-up. Gray means neutrality, blue speaks of calmness and green is reflective of the need for high self-esteem. Red goes for the vital and active person, yellow connotes happiness and cheerfulness, and violet conveys the wish to charm others. Brown, on the other hand, symbolizes roots and family security, while black expresses nothingness but highlights the attributes of the color around it.

Color Mixes and Matches

The personality color enhances the inner strength and rejuvenates a person. Make sure that you combine your favorite colors with shades that you intuitively know will bring you comfort and maintain your balance. Suppliers and other resource persons can provide you with the appropriate mixes and matches and can even create the tints of your fancy other than the ready-made swatches.

Choose Environment-friendly Products

Check also for environment-friendly paint products so that you do your share of preserving our Mother Nature. There are paint products that are odorless which minimizes health risks.

Consult other House Members

Decision-making should be done with the consensus of the majority. This may be a hassle for some but listening to the general opinion of your family members makes the choosing of house paint color much more fun. If you are living alone, consult friends’ counsels but in the end, the buck still stops with you.

Talk to a Professional

If you are loaded and can easily afford a house decorator or interior designer, explore current trends and house paint color themes that coordinate with the architectural design of the house. Better yet, explain to the professional the look that you want and they can work out the details conveniently for you.

When everything has been prepared and organized, go ahead and make the deal. Bear in mind that your house paint color reinforces your style and becomes the beautiful wrapper that covers the real surprise gift inside.

Exterior Painting Pointers – Tips for Painting with Crusher Dust

Whenever you are painting with marble dust, you will need to master a few techniques to get the best results. This type of painting is a great way for you to be able to get interesting and unique textures that you would normally not be able to achieve. Painting using this method is something that will require a little bit of getting used to but you will find that it is something that is a lot of fun to practice.


You will need to prepare the mixture before you can begin. This is something that can take a couple of hours. You will need to begin by mixing the dry rabbit skin glue along with water and putting it into your crock pot. You will need to let this solution have time to soak for a couple of hours. Do not turn your crock pot on but do put the lid on. Once it has set for a couple of hours, turn on the crock pot. You will need to do this just to let the glue melt. You do not want this mixture to boil. Take care to stir it completely as it melts.


Once you have allowed the glue to melt you are going to be working with a few things that are a little bit more dangerous. Make sure that you put on either a dust mask or a respirator. You will mix a cup of titanium white pigment with a cup of marble dust in another container. Make sure that they are mixed together thoroughly before you combine it with the glue that you just melted. Make sure that you use caution as this glue is going to be very hot. Stir as you do this so it cannot get clumped together. This is something that you are going to have to do slowly and carefully. Whenever you are putting the marble dust onto the palette, make sure that you use a palette knife and that you are wearing your respirator. Go slowly and use caution as this dust will easily get everywhere.


Whenever you are mixing the oil painting medium, use something like linseed oil along with your marble dust. You will need to keep adding the medium until the dust is at a consistency that you prefer. This is something that is up to you as far as the consistency. If you want to have a thicker paste, you should add less oil painting medium, this is something that works well for an impasto technique. If you want the dust to be more opaque, then use more medium and less dust.

Types of Paint

You may want to use different types of paint besides oil. The process will be the same with any type of paint that you use. Once you have the medium used and have the consistency that you desire, you will need to get the paint color that you wish to use mixed in with your medium and dust mixture.

Exterior Painting Pointers – Exterior Wall Paint Ideas for Suburban Homes

Sprucing up the external façade of your home may mean taking the exterior wall paint into account as well as the garden. Being aware of the different options to choose from will help you to make a decision about which design will suit your home.


You can make your home stand out with the use of contrasting exterior wall paint. Even using it subtly can make a rather dramatic impact depending on the colors used. Limiting the contrasting color to the borders of the windows and doors will create a nice effect without requiring a significant amount of effort.


The previous popularity of pebbledash means it can still be found on a number of properties. This surface covering manages to make a property look rather dated but can be difficult, if not impossible to remove. To improve the look of a pebbledash surface, it is a good idea to apply exterior wall paint. The dowdy look of the brown pebbles can be made vastly better with white paint that is suitable for the pebbles.


If you have any artistic talent, a large expanse of bare wall will be crying out for an image to be added to it! Consider creating a mural on the wall with the use of spray paint or stain, this option will enable you to memorialize special events or obtain the assistance of children in the household so they can contribute to the image. Before beginning any work on the mural, find out whether you require permission to put up the image and which neighboring properties it will be seen by.


Many properties from Tudor periods comprised thick vertical stripes on the upper story, particularly around windows. Use black paint on a white background to create a Tudor effect to the external façade of your home.

Country Cottage

A suburban home can be made to look like a country cottage with some clever application of some exterior wall paint. Images of plants and flowers can be applied to a plain base to make them look as if they are growing from the ground. Paint an image of creeping ivy or similar plant so that it loops up and around the door frame or up the side of the property and beneath the guttering.

Brick Effect

Using an exterior wall paint of the same color as bricks will enable you to create the effect of a different type of masonry. Plain external cladding can be made to look like bricks with the right type of stain. Application of the base coat will allow you to choose the color of the brick that you wish to replicate.

Testing out the paints first will also enable you to determine what colors you are going to use together. It will enable you to use whichever color of ‘grout’ that you think is suitable. To decrease the amount of work it takes, you can merely clean the existing surface of the exterior wall before applying the lines of ‘grout’ in a contrasting color.