Matching design services to your goals and needs can get you on the road to a living room that better reflects you

Great Home Project: Refresh Your Living Room.

Does your living room have a case of the blahs? Whether you’re looking for quick furniture-arranging help or a complete overhaul, read on for the need-to-know info on making your living room live up to its full potential. We caught up with interior designer Mollie Openshaw to get the scoop on costs, time frames and picking the right pro for the job.

Learn how to hire and work with a painting contractor to get the best results

Great Home Project: How to Get Your Home’s Exterior Painted.

There’s nothing like a fresh paint job to punch up a house’s curb appeal. And hiring a professional to do it is the best way to get a superior result — and save you the headache of ladders, repairs and other hassles.