Choosing Stone Floor Tiles for Your Bathroom

Designing your new bathroom starts with your choice of floor tiles. The colour and texture of the floor sets the tone for the room, determines how long you’ll spend cleaning it, and has implications for the safety of everyone using it.
Natural stone tiles have been a major trend for bathrooms over the past few years, and their unique, beauty looks set to stay. One difference we’re seeing of late is the size of the tiles. Less grout and more stunning stone beauty is the order of the day. They’re easier to clean and a striking design choice.
OK, so you’ve made your decision to use stone tiling – but what kind should you choose? Here’s our handy guide to finding the perfect natural flooring for your bathroom. We’ve taken a close look at the three most popular choices: marble, limestone and travertine.
The Lustrous Warmth of Limestone Floor Tiles
What could be more perfect for your bathroom than flooring made up of sedimented seashells? Limestone has an understated elegance, and it’s a perennial favourite for bathrooms. If you’re looking for a natural, lustrous warmth, the soft, open pore structure of this mellow stone could be the choice for you.
• Advantages of Limestone Tiles – it’s extremely durable flooring; if carefully maintained your limestone floor could last for ever. It’s easy to cut which makes it a flexible material to work with and its matte, textured finish makes it non-slip. Limestone tiles also tend to be cheaper than marble or travertine flooring.
• Disadvantages of Limestone Tiles – the porous texture of limestone means that it needs to be sealed regularly to prevent staining and dust accumulation.
Limestone bathroom floor tiles will stay looking good with just a regular wipe-over using soapy water.
The Elegance and Striking Beauty of Marble Floor Tiles
Light, neutral colours are favoured at the moment, as they make small rooms look larger. The uniquely veined patterning of marble floor tiles has inspired artists and adorned palaces ever since the Romans first popularised it. Now it’s a stylish contemporary choice that reflects natural light and enhances the sense of well-being inspired by your bathroom.
• Advantages of Marble Tiles – every tile is unique and the patterning is naturally formed. If you’re planning on fitting underfloor heating in your bathroom, marble is a great thermal conductor, so you’ll be cosy in minutes. Finally, the high polish on marble cannot be matched by any other stone.
• Disadvantages of Marble Tiles – there is always the danger of scratching and staining with stone flooring – regular sealing is a must. The shiny surface also increases the risk of slippage.
Marble bathroom tiles require only the lightest of touches to look good; regular wiping with soapy water will keep your tiles looking pristine.
The Warm, Earthy Tone of Travertine Foor Tiles
This is fast becoming the most popular stone floor choice where the design seeks to emulate the colours and warmth of Mediterranean culture. Travertine is a derivative of limestone and it’s characterised by natural pits and voids which gives every tile a unique patterning and texture. These tiles come in a range of colours through cream, tan and ochre.
• Advantages of Travertine Tiles – there’s no waiting for these tiles to ‘weather’; the texture and colouration provides an instant ‘lived in’ look to your bathroom. They have a non-slip texture and are extremely durable – given regular cleaning and sealing. This is probably the most flexible of stone tiles, they can be easily cut to fit awkward spaces.
• Disadvantages of Travertine Tiles – these are the most expensive of the stone tiles we’ve reviewed. Regular sealing is necessary as they susceptible to staining and discolouration otherwise.
Soapy water is all you need to keep your travertine floor looking as good as new.

Beautiful stone floors afford your home a timeless beauty, and they last for as long as you need them to. DirectStone Ltd polishes, seals, maintains and restores stone floors, to bring the full power of their beauty out.


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Create a comfortable living space when you have a low budget

With the economy not doing too well, most of us are burdened with the high costs of living and sustenance. This applies greatly when you are planning to decorate your homes since money problem haunts all of us. However, not every house has to be a luxurious getaway, but can still look and feel comfortable where you can spend your precious time and relax. Here are the top 8 tips that will show you how to create a comfortable living space when you have a low budget.

Use of dirt cheap antique furniture for decorating living rooms
Flea markets and even antique stores sell many items that are priced low and can be used to decorate your living area just like this gorgeous chair that was bought from an antique store at much lesser cost as compared to showrooms that sell the same chairs at double the rates. The chair is smart and trendy to look and makes for a cozy living room.

Use of color contrast for living room
The living room seen below is design comfortably. Lots of colors into the room that expose efficiently with the white and light colors seen on the sofa set and yellow curtains that lend a serene look to the room. The coffee table is an affordable piece and the items placed all around are not very expensive but cheap and trendy to look, just like the sunflower vase.

create a comfortable living space when you have a low budget

Decorative wall stencils for living room
Stencils on walls are an effective way to make your living areas look glamorous without spending extravagantly. The living room in the picture turns into a stylish place with the gray and white wall stencil design that isn’t too expensive. The design with the beautiful white flowers and butterflies looks elegant and matches well with the sofa and decor.

Pillow decoration for living room
One can make his or her living area look vibrant with big sized pillows that aren’t too expensive but look cute and colorful. The living room in the image comes alive with pink pillows that are big and draw the attention to themselves with their sheer beauty. These pink pillows look good with the cream sofas and the wall color too.

Beautiful sectional sofa design for living room
When you are pressed for space and money, the best way to beautify your living room is to use sectional sofas to save space and to lend a bigger look to the room. The white sectional sofas seen here are affordable and are also perfect to be fit in smaller rooms. These are available in different price ranges and look quite smart.create a comfortable living space when you have a low budget

Lamp shades for living room
Lighting goes on to make or break the look of any room. If done properly, a room can look mesmerizing and vice versa. Lamp shades are an economical way to make your living areas more warm and comfortable. The lamps seen above are affordable and look smart too with no over the top exuberance. There are two big lamps place on side tables arrange on either side of the sofa that offers the perfect setting for a romantic escapade. The look of the room is cozy and warm.

Suitable coloring ideas for comfortable living room
Adding the right color goes on to make a room look warm and inviting. Colors can be either pastels or bright, depending on your tastes. One can choose to color his walls with shades of light blue or pink without spending an extravagant sum of money on designer textured walls and spaces. The right color will help define your style. In the image, the color combo chosen is light bluish gray that compliments the furniture as well as the decor, also done up in pastels. The room makes for a comfy living space as it is serene and cool.create a comfortable living space when you have a low budget

Affordable rug for decorating livingroom
Who said that you need to buy expensive carpets to decorate your floors? If smart, one can buy a rug that not only looks good but also suits the budget. The beige carpet with Orion Cancun border looks great with the decor, making the room look very warm and inviting. The rug matches well with the cane furniture and plants arranged neatly.