Give your home an artful touch in drips and drabs, with paint treatments that feel free to splatter and splotch

If you were that kid who liked to take the finger paint off the page and onto the table, the walls and the rug, this ideabook is for you. Lately paint techniques are going every which way but rolled. Happy accidents like drips and splotches have inspired nontraditional looks for everything from sofas to ceilings. Here’s a look at six trendy paint techniques that don’t require a steady hand or FrogTape.

Lego bricks, chalkboard paint, Barbie dolls. The decor in this creative home is as playful as it is personal

Eccentricities Fill a London Flat.

As with all good homes, a tour of this one-bedroom flat in East London is like walking inside the mind of its owner. Lego, typographic prints, Barbie dolls, taxidermy, train station signs and a giant teacup all sit under the same roof. It’s an eclectic mix, but owner Tom Chalet makes it work.

What’s even more impressive is that he did most of it by himself. “People don’t often think of me as the DIY type,” he says, “but it was pretty easy to do all of this alone. For one thing I had no budget, so I just decorated as I went along, using bits and pieces I’ve gathered over the past four years.”

See real-life before and afters of home fronts transformed with paint, in wide-ranging colors and styles

13 Dramatic Exterior Paint Makeovers by Houzzers.

Oh, Houzzers, you are the greatest. I asked you to share your dramatic paint makeovers, and the last time I checked you had left more than 150 comments plus before and after shots. From Victorian gingerbread houses to midcentury modern gems, new paint colors make a house seem new. See what fellow Houzzers have accomplished with paint on the exteriors of their homes.

Hand-painted murals and personal touches fill an accessible home with warmth and charm

Accessibility With Personality in an 1870 Home.

Laurie and Bruce Rabe were charmed by the double doors, plaster molding and gorgeous gardens of this 1870 New England home. As with most old structures, however, this onetime boarding house needed a lot of work. And it also needed to be made accessible for one of the couple’s daughters, who has multiple handicaps.

After 14 years of thoughtful updates and personalized touches, the couple melded old and new by adding an elevator, restoring the original stove and opening up the kitchen. Laurie’s colorful murals — inspired by historic wallpapers, textiles and art — elevate the atmosphere throughout, giving this Second Empire dowager home a new lease on life.

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Laurie and Bruce Rabe, daughters Olivia and Elloise, and dogs Tizsa and Luna
Location: Norfolk County, Massachusetts
Size: About 5,000 square feet; 5 bedrooms; 4 bathrooms

Bring on the energy — with red on its exterior, your home can stir up excitement in any setting

When to Paint Your Home Red.

Energetic, lively and the color of good luck, red can excite and enliven a home’s exterior. Whether it’s traditional red brick, a more earthen tone — like Frank Lloyd Wright’s favorite Cherokee Red — or a more electric hue, red makes a home jump out and announce its presence.

Historically, red was the color of choice for many Swedish country barns and farmhouses. The pigment originated at Swedish copper mines and was found to be an excellent wood preservative. It’s likely that the color became popular for barns and farmhouses in the U.S. due to an influx of Swedish immigrants and the color’s popularity in 19th-century Sweden.

A San Francisco Bay Area artist’s sun-drenched home doubles as her gallery and studio

When Memories of Home Are of Paint and Linseed Oil.

Artist Marie Van Elder has always made her home integral to her work. She uses it as a studio, workshop and gallery. The walls are filled with work by her and by her artist friends, and the largest room in the house is her studio space. The rooms have been rearranged as the family has evolved, but the art has always been part of every room. “In a way the art has been part of the house as much as the house has been part of the art,” she says.

Van Elder’s daughters grew up around her art and “would come home from school and go running to see what I did that day,” she says. And they would sometimes work beside her on their own projects. Although Van Elder uses one room primarily as her studio, she says, “Frankly the whole house has been used for art: the kitchen counters, the patio, the garage for art classes for kids, the attic for storage and all the walls for exhibition space. My daughters will tell you that the smell of linseed oil is the smell of home.”

Ignore the instinct to go with white. These colors can show your house in the best possible light

Crowd-Pleasing Paint Colors for Staging Your Home.

When prepping your home for sale, one of the most important tasks is giving your walls a fresh coat of paint. The standard advice from most real estate professionals is to keep them neutral with shades of white. But as a home stager and an interior designer, I prefer to take a more stylish approach.

Remember, the overall goal of home staging is to make each room feel fresh, inviting and neutral enough so that prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there. That doesn’t have to translate, however, to bland, boring and devoid of style. Sometimes white can work, but a greater concern is making sure the room doesn’t look too stark. These elegant, crowd-pleasing neutral paint colors can help you stage your home to perfection.

Be a cheer leader with this color that captures the sun and radiates a warm welcome

When to Paint Your Home Yellow.

Thinking of making your home’s exterior color evoke summertime and sunshine? Then consider yellow. Ranging from soft and earth toned to more electric and brash, yellow serves a home’s exterior well. Whether they’re set off by winter’s snow and gray skies or summer’s green landscape and blue skies, yellow homes make their presence known.

I find that the color yellow is best used for traditional-style homes. From the more ocher yellows of stuccoed exteriors on Tuscan villas to the bright, almost neon palette of some 19th-century exteriors, yellow keeps a home warm, welcoming and cheerful.

So let’s leave white to those most rational and platonic of home styles, such as colonial and modernist, and explore using some joyous yellow.

Make quick work of minor repairs and replacements with this thorough, step-by-step approach

Don’t we all have a running mental list of “little” things to get done around the house? When those things remain undone, they can add up to make a big difference in how the home looks and feels. Here you’ll learn how to make a thorough list of minor home improvements and find the motivation you need to check everything off.

How to improve the Curb Appeal and make your Home Beautiful?

The very first thing that your guests see when they come to your home is the exterior of your property. The entrance, driveway, yard, garden, main door and every other part of the exterior of your home creates an impression. It’s time to elevate the curb appeal of your home and make the house even more beautiful. Learn a few home renovation tips to make your home the fanciest house in the neighborhood.

People notice things. Whether it is the outdated fixture in the yard or peeling paint on the exterior walls of your home, nothing goes unnoticed. Neighbors, relatives, friends and even prospective buyers pay attention to the curb appeal of your home. So, even if you are not selling your home in the near future, ignoring the yard can put a dampener on your plans of impressing the guests.

How to the improve the Curb Appeal of your Home?

1. Beauty is on the Inside! Umm…

Well, we all know that what’s inside is beautiful. But, when it comes to your home, a beautiful exterior is imminent to what lies ahead. Untended lawns and old decorations tell a story of negligence. So, do not forget to overlook the curb appeal of your home. It becomes all the more important when you are trying to sell your home. When it comes to staging your home for prospective buyers, it is essential that you focus on the interior as well as the exterior of your property. With well curated lawns and clean exterior, you can paint a picture that conveys that your house is cared for.

2. Old is not really Gold

You may love your home to have a rustic, vintage charm. But, if the exterior of your home has plain old, broken fixtures, it may not convey a vintage ambience. It is not necessary to invest in expensive fixtures including main gate, mailbox, signs, plant pots, etc. Also, do not ignore the importance of a well-lit yard to impress your guests. Installing new lighting fixture can cost $500 approximately. Landscape lighting fixtures can be obtained for as low as $50 per piece but they can significantly improve the curb appeal of your home.

3. Colors Speak Louder than Words

When it comes to quick fixes for the curb appeal, exterior painting is one of the most affordable solutions. If peeling paint is visible on your property, it can ruin the charm. Repainting the exterior of your single-story 1500 square feet home will cost you in the range of $1000-$3000. You can always opt for the DIY option but it is important to remember that exterior painting is more complicated than painting a room. Also, it is best to have a professional color consultant to help you pick the right colors that enhance the curb appeal.

4. Too much meets the Eye

If you want to create the right first impression on your guests, you need to take care of all the unnecessary fixtures and junk from the yard. Arrange the outdoor structure in such a way that they add to the beauty of your home. Avoid garden gnomes, take down old Christmas decorations, put away children’s toys, remove garish lawn art and untangle the hose that clutter the landscape. Even putting the car in the garage can open up space and make the exterior look beautiful. Keep the hedges trim, mow the lawn and add a few flowers to the landscape. Remember to restrict the vegetable garden to the backyard.

Hire an Expert Home Renovation Contractor

Now, cleaning the yard and cutting the grass can be a DIY job. But, when you are looking to give a new look to the landscapeBusiness Management Articles, expert help will enable you to make beautiful changes at affordable cost. Hire a home renovation contractor to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Make a list of all the things that require attention and obtain inputs from the contractor to make your home the talk of the town.


The exterior of your home is the gateway to your little paradise. Allow us to make it beautiful. Add to the curb appeal by hiring the best home renovation company in Toronto. Whether it is installing landscape lighting, exterior home painting or anything else, we have you covered. Get in touch today!