Ideas for Painting Kids Bedrooms

Your kids are now bigger and you’ve had their room especially made for them. It is now time for the finishing touches and so you set out to look for great painting ideas for your kids’ bedroom.

If you want the latest color ideas for your kid’s bedroom, you should always be up-to-date with the newest styles and techniques in painting. By reading everything and observing the color ideas, you will soon find it easy to paint the bedroom for your kids.

Paints available for kids’ bedrooms greatly vary in colors. These are usually bold and bright colors which are easy and safe to apply or clean. You should already expect that the walls in your kiddies’ room will be the dirtiest room of the house, so be prepared in advance so that you will not have any headaches in the future.

Painting kids bedrooms also involves the selection of paint finishes. The best ones for their room are semi-gloss, satin, and/or eggshell finish. You can use latex paint so that in case your kids smudge dirt on the walls, it would be easier to remove by using a damp cloth and soap.

Color is a great consideration for painting kids bedrooms. Look at the color wheel first; the primary colors are yellow, red, and blue and these colors can’t be duplicated because they can stand alone. The secondary colors are purple, orange, and green. The tertiary colors can be created by combining primary and secondary colors. If you’re planning to mix colors, you can get the help of the paint dealer if you’re still not sure about how the color can be achieved.

Here are three great ideas for painting kids bedrooms:

1. The walls of your kids bedrooms serve as their chalkboard whether you like it or not. So why not paint the wall with chalkboard paint. These colors come in green and black finishes. Your children will just love to express themselves in their huge chalkboard by drawing pictures or making creative designs of their own choosing. Now, your kids will never write on the walls outside their bedroom again. They now have a unique place for themselves.

2. If you want, you can also try magnetic paint. The surface of the wall will become magnetic right after the paint dries. If you don’t like the color of the magnetic paint, you can change it by applying the color that your kid loves. Since the walls are magnetic, the kids can attach their artworks from school or the ones they did at home. They can also spell their names, create pictures and hang them on the wall. You and your kids will have a great time in playing inside a room with magnetic walls.

3. Another great painting idea is painted murals. You can paint photos, images, and even sceneries inside your kids’ bedroom. If you’re artistic enough, you can do this on your own and with a bit of imagination, you can go a long way. Choose the image, scene, or photo that your kids love and paint it on their bedroom wall. You can paint their favorite cartoon characters, or perhaps their favorite place. If you can’t paint a mural, you can hire the help of a professional.

The abovementioned ideas are great for painting kids bedrooms. So what are you waiting for? Decide which of the ideas will work best for your kids’ bedroom and start painting.