A designer keeps the cedar-paneled walls and concrete floors but updates the kitchen and decor in a 1970s Texas home

Midcentury Living Room and Kitchen Get a Stylish, Comfy Update.

Living Room and Kitchen at a Glance
Who lives here: Three women (a couple and a sister)
Location: Keller, Texas (in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex)
Size: 2,100 square feet (195 square meters) for the whole house
Designer: Ann Bridgman of Just the Thing Decorating, Staging, and Windows
Year built: 1974

This midcentury home in Texas had belonged to a family for 20 years. It had never really served as a primary residence and, as a result, hadn’t received the regular care and upkeep a full-time home might have. “The house had not been updated in many years, and the kitchen needed to be completely remodeled,” interior designer Ann Bridgman says.

After deciding to move in permanently, the homeowners hired Bridgman to refresh and renovate their home. They focused on the communal living areas, gutting the kitchen and redecorating the living and dining areas to better accommodate a household of three. “The taste of the homeowners leaned toward clean lines and midcentury styles, so we focused on finding furniture to reflect that aesthetic,” Bridgman says.