Painting Exterior Walls

The Golden rule when working off ladders or scaffolding is safety first.
Make sure that you complete the painting of soffitts, fascias and guttering before you start the walls.
Paint walls in designated sections if you cane. an apex above a window, a section between two windows or between wall edge and window/door).
If the walls are of a fairly rough surface consider using roller to make the job easier.
If you are right-handed, then work from right to left in as far as you can do comfortably. This way you won’t be working across yourself, especially when working off a ladder.
Work from the top downwards; completing areas within natural breaks. e.g. between two windows or between a window and a down pipe.
It is wise to cover up bushes, flowerbeds and the lawn with dust-sheets.
Always use a pothook when you up a ladder; secure it firmly on the side of the ladder and attach your paint container. DO NOT hold the paint container in one hand and the paint brush in the other.
When using a roller on the walls, cut in one area at a time; roll and move on to the next area.
Use an extension pole on the roller so that you can reach as much as possible from the ground.