Painting Ideas For A Boy’s Bedroom

Teens are very much different from the regular little kids in school. Their tastes greatly vary and so when you decide to paint your teen boy’s bedroom, you should have extraordinary painting ideas just to capture their attention.

The internet offers a wide array of painting ideas that you can see for yourself. These great painting ideas can help you a lot especially if you don’t know where to start. Not all people are artistic enough but admit it, anyone can paint; and so can you.
Don’t delay this very simple task and start painting your teen’s bedroom. To aid you in your special painting project, don’t forget these cool painting ideas specially conceptualized for your teen boy’s bedroom.

1. Vibrant colors attract teenagers easily. You can paint your boy’s bedroom with blue or purple shades. The painting on the walls cannot stand alone so you would also need to provide accents like lighter shades of furniture.

2. Painting your teen’s room with only plain colored paint can sometimes be boring for your boy; so it would be best to have a mural painting on their wall. You can choose a certain theme that your teen boy is interested with and paint it on the wall. Since he’s already old enough, you can even let him join in the painting process. You will surely have a good time.

2. For your painting mural, you can have a motor sports theme, surf theme, and any other appropriate theme that your boy likes.

4. Do a solid color theme for your boy’s room. Aside from the solid color, you can also use other colors, however, be sure to use them in little amounts. If you follow this tip, your boy’s room can have an excellent overall design.

5. If your teenager is interested in cowboys, you can paint his room with any warm red shade. All other room accessories should coordinate with the cowboys theme.

6. If your boy loves race cars, you can paint racing stripes or even checkered flags on the windows and walls of the bedroom.

7. Chalkboard paints are still recommended for a teen boy’s room especially if your teen is an artist by nature. He can express himself freely inside his bedroom because the entire wall will serve as his chalkboard.

8. If your teen likes to stick things on the wall, then you’d better prepare your pockets for the expensive magnetic paint. By applying several coats of magnetic paint, the walls of the bedroom can hold anything that’s magnetic.

9. As mentioned a bit earlier, the theme can also be about sports like basketball, swimming, football, and any other sport that your boy loves playing. All you have to do is to choose the best paint color that will suit the theme. After choosing the paint’s color, you can choose the room’s accessories that will complement the color of the bedroom wall.

10. Get your boy involved in the work. He knows what he likes so let him do the choosing. Your task is just to guide him and help him. During one weekend, the family can all help together to paint the bedroom. Family bonding is one way to bring the family closer together.

Your search for the best painting ideas for your boy’s bedroom is over. Now, you can have a lot of choices. Make a good decision for your boy’s room.