Portable Dehumidifier Defective

Problem: Dehumidifier freezes up or does not seem to be working.

Background: Smaller, portable de humidifiers are much like air conditioners in that they have a fan, a fan motor, and a refrigerant system. Like an air conditioner, regular care and maintenance can help prevent operational problems. Once a year the refrigerant coils should be cleaned with a rag, brush, or vacuum cleaner. If the unit does not have an oil-less fan motor it should be oiled once a year with a few drops of oil in each of the oil holes. (Note: It’s likely the cabinet will need to be removed to clean the coils or to oil the fan motor.)

What to do: Dehumidifiers rely on an automatic humidistat to turn the unit on and off to maintain the humidity level you select (usually 60% to 65% when set in the “normal” range). If the unit stops running, first check the power cord to see that it is plugged in properly and be sure that the outlet is receiving power: If not, check the main power panel for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. Use a different outlet, if necessary, to avoid overloading a circuit. Dehumidifiers can become blocked with ice in temperatures below 65°. Most units are not de signed to operate below that temperature, and in most cases dehumidification is not needed below 70°; shut off the unit until the room temperature rises.

Special advice: Once the humidistat control is set, the unit will shut off when the relative humidity reaches that level. It will turn on again automatically when the humidity rises.
Note: The compressor may stop if you turn off the dehumidifier, and immediately turn it on again. This is normal. In about 2 minutes the compressor should start up again automatically and continue to run.

Helpful hint: If you use the unit on a sloping floor, make sure the drain hole is located on the downgrade slope. Also do not block either end of the unit, because it takes air from the front and exhausts it through the back. To clean the exterior cabinet parts, use warm sudsy water, rinse with clear water, and do not turn on the unit until the exterior is completely dry.