GLAZING WOOD – Strip and sand the wood to prepare for glazing

Strip and sand the wood to prepare for glazing. Dilute a quantity of latex so that it penetrates beneath the surface of the wood. Test the diluted paint on a small area to check the consistency.

1. Apply the diluted paint freely with a large decorating brush. Brush in the direction of the grain, covering the wood in small areas at a time.

2. When the paint is nearly dry (test an area), gently wipe over the paint with a lint cloth in one direction to expose the underlying wood grain.

3. Leave the paint to dry overnight and check that you like the tone. If it is too weak, apply another coat. Follow by sanding with fine sandpaper.

4. The final stage is to clean the wood. Run across the surface with a dry decorating brush and afterward wipe over with a damp cloth.