Exterior Painting Pointers – Tips for Painting with Crusher Dust

Whenever you are painting with marble dust, you will need to master a few techniques to get the best results. This type of painting is a great way for you to be able to get interesting and unique textures that you would normally not be able to achieve. Painting using this method is something that will require a little bit of getting used to but you will find that it is something that is a lot of fun to practice.


You will need to prepare the mixture before you can begin. This is something that can take a couple of hours. You will need to begin by mixing the dry rabbit skin glue along with water and putting it into your crock pot. You will need to let this solution have time to soak for a couple of hours. Do not turn your crock pot on but do put the lid on. Once it has set for a couple of hours, turn on the crock pot. You will need to do this just to let the glue melt. You do not want this mixture to boil. Take care to stir it completely as it melts.


Once you have allowed the glue to melt you are going to be working with a few things that are a little bit more dangerous. Make sure that you put on either a dust mask or a respirator. You will mix a cup of titanium white pigment with a cup of marble dust in another container. Make sure that they are mixed together thoroughly before you combine it with the glue that you just melted. Make sure that you use caution as this glue is going to be very hot. Stir as you do this so it cannot get clumped together. This is something that you are going to have to do slowly and carefully. Whenever you are putting the marble dust onto the palette, make sure that you use a palette knife and that you are wearing your respirator. Go slowly and use caution as this dust will easily get everywhere.


Whenever you are mixing the oil painting medium, use something like linseed oil along with your marble dust. You will need to keep adding the medium until the dust is at a consistency that you prefer. This is something that is up to you as far as the consistency. If you want to have a thicker paste, you should add less oil painting medium, this is something that works well for an impasto technique. If you want the dust to be more opaque, then use more medium and less dust.

Types of Paint

You may want to use different types of paint besides oil. The process will be the same with any type of paint that you use. Once you have the medium used and have the consistency that you desire, you will need to get the paint color that you wish to use mixed in with your medium and dust mixture.