Torn Wallpaper

If you have torn or ragged wallpaper that looks beyond repair, don’t worry, because if you have some extra paper, you could easily fix it by matching up the pattern.

1. Cut a section of wallpaper making sure that the piece you’ve chosen matches the pattern of the section on the wall that needs repair. Carefully align the pattern.

2. Tack it to the wall with some painters tape.

3. Use a straight edge and utility knife to cut through both the new wallpaper and the damaged paper underneath. Set the patch in a safe spot .

4. Use a sponge dipped in hot water to dampen the damaged section. The water should easily loosen the adhesive so you can peel away all the problem area. Rinse the sponge and clean the wall. Then allow it to dry completely.

5. mmediately, place it on the wall. It should fit perfectly into your area.