Great Tip For Painting New Trim work

Here’s a good tip (as an alternative) for painting new trim work.

Most people install the trim work – and then paint.

Well, the following tip is a great way to avoid any mishaps. If you’ve got some delicate areas that would require a lot of masking for protection, such as being next to expensive carpet, or against hardwood flooring, you might consider painting — before – installation.

And once installed, simply putty and caulk where necessary, and then touch-up.

• Set up your new trim either outside, or in large ventilated room where you can lay the pieces out and can be totally unobstructed.

• Lightly spray-on (from a spray can) your finish paint – or – brush on your favorite satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish. One, or two coats should do it.

• Let completely dry for several hours (or better yet, overnight).

• Install trim.

• Putty and caulk where necessary.

• Touch-up with your finish paint.

I wouldn’t recommend going this route for new construction. It is, however, excellent wherever a minimal amount of replacement trim might be needed, like for a small repair. You be the judge. I’ve known handymen who have done this for entire rooms, and were completely happy with the results.

It really is for people who might otherwise get real nervous when having to finish painting in delicate, tight areas that require a very steady brush, and firm control.