This perfectly neutral and highly versatile color can create subtle distinctions among exterior architectural elements or stand on its own

When to Paint Your Home Gray.

Gray paint — whether a warm gray or a cool one — is an ideal choice for a home of just about any style, age and location. Also, with this color’s wide range of hues, two or more shades can be combined to create subtle distinctions between architectural elements, eliminating jarring contrasts to create a quieter exterior.

And gray can be applied in many forms, from a solid paint to a semitransparent stain. As a paint, the color provides a uniform and continuous color, ideally suited to a material like stucco. As a semitransparent stain, gray allow the complexity and beauty of wood to come through.

So if you’re considering a gray exterior, go beyond monolithic and battleship gray to really explore this neutral color’s richness and variety.