Use color and texture to create a pleasing connection between your house and garden

How to Make Your Painted or Stained House Feel at Home in the Landscape.

Every house has untapped potential. Far too many of them, whether clad in brick, stone, stucco, wood or composite siding, sit atop the land in unremarkable ways, barely making any meaningful connection to it. Good landscape designers make it a top priority to establish that connection, to make the house seem at home in its environment. However, choosing a paint palette, or designing a landscape around an existing palette, is a daunting task to many homeowners.

Painted or stained houses offer exciting potential because such an array of hues and tones are available. In some situations existing paint colors cannot be easily changed, perhaps due to homeowner’s association regulations or because certain siding arrives prefinished. In other situations it is best not to disturb an existing garden but instead repaint the house. In either case the principles are the same. Let’s look at the process, rationale and artistry that designers employ to create that seamless connection.