Wallpaper Cutouts

If you’re looking for a quick and easy change for your decor, pre-pasted wallpaper cutouts are the answer. They stick on the wall anywhere and peel off when you want to change the look.

1. Make sure that your wall is nice and clean. You may even want to vacuum it to get rid of any excess dust.

2. Arrange the wallpaper cut outs on the wall using the small dot stickers included in the package.

3. When you’re happy with a design get a small bucket of water and a new sponge.

4. Remove the wallpaper cutouts one at a time from your design . Remember to remove the adhesive dot. Use the sponge to moisten the back of the cut out making sure that you get all of the edges. Hold it there for at least five seconds.

5. Put the cutout back on the wall, and then carefully smooth it out with a paper towel. That’s all there is to it. If you decide to change the decor, you can remove the cut outs by pulling up an edge and peeling them off. Clean the adhesive off the wall with a little water.