You’re in good company when you pair up with a pal to clean, organize, repair and replace

All Together Now: Tackle Home Projects With a DIY Co-op.

My sister Torey just moved. She and her husband are completely renovating their new house. They have accomplished so much in just a couple months, but the remaining to-do list is long. The underlying disorder is sending my Naturally Organized sister into a tailspin. My house is only a couple of years old, but I’m still working to make it home, so I have a list of things to do too.

Last week Torey mentioned she really needed to paint her front door. I intended to paint my back doors as soon as the weather cleared. “We should work together!” she said. And just like that, our DIY co-op was born. We’ve been in business a week, and both of us have crossed a task we were dreading off our list — and we’re looking forward to crossing off more.

Does this sound like a dream come true? Setting up your own DIY co-op may not be as simple as a quick phone call to your sister, but it may be easier than you think. When considering a possible DIY co-op partner, ask yourself a few things.

Is the candidate:

• Committed? You need someone who is going to show up when she says she will. Many of us have at least one of those friends — we love her to death — but our plans with her always have an imaginary asterisk beside them. If your friend isn’t reliable, no matter how wonderful and talented she is, forget about it. No flaky friends allowed.

• Fun to be with? When you are tackling arduous projects, it’s incredibly draining. Being able to laugh with another person can be a lifesaver. Lacking a sense of humor may not be a deal breaker for you, but it is for me.